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Being enthusiastic in 'Love' takes you nowhere!

That fervor and eagerness in love fade away one day no matter how intensely you commit yourself with your partner in the initial days of your relationship and it is a harsh truth that must be accepted and know how to maintain the charm in one's romantic bond. That enthusiasm represents the excitement, obsession, and passion of a person towards one's partner. It is hearty to be enthusiastic but if you think that particular factor drives you in long run, then you are deeply mistaken because that's not how love works.

Love is a skillful art that develops two people to accomplish the gift of being in a romantic bond eternally. And only enthusiasm can't help that skill, to keep upgrading itself to let a couple cherish the love between them. Excitement makes you build dreams and plan a beautiful future together but skill makes you understand what must be done and comprehends what need not be done. There's a huge difference between plans and actions. Strictly, love becomes strong only when efforts are visible in a romantic relationship.

We see many couples breaking up or splitting up regularly, but we hardly witness couples that come back to each other regardless of enormous amounts of shattering in their relationships. It seems funny, baseless, and sometimes annoying to see couples fighting with each other and still get back strongly as if nothing has happened between them but those remain the couples who skillfully work the art of love. Unfortunately, in this fast-moving generation, we consider it as plain stupidity. Needless to say, it's toxic to be on a bond in which two people always fight with each other, but it is not mandatory that every fight must lead to an extreme decision of leaving one's romantic partner.

In this extremely fragile situation, people become enthusiastic enough to take decisions without thinking about the reasons for being in a relationship with their loved ones. Those are the very decisions that affect a person's opinion on love, relationship, trust, and commitment. And if that rupture happens, it becomes complicated to be resilient in a romantic bond. Efforts are much needed than enthusiasm, to be in love.

If you think you can make up for all the mistakes and ripples you create in your relationship with your unstable personality and fickle mindedness by manipulating your enthusiasm or zeal or passion in convincing your partner materialistically or bodily or even romantically, then you must also know that not every person can be convinced so easily especially the ones with whom you have fallen in love after making a lot of efforts.

Some people can be deftly managed and handled by using your enthusiasm in diverting, manipulating, and controlling with various gifts, pleading attributes, make-up sex, and sometimes just by making a puppy face but all these elements can make your partner satisfied temporarily and also gives you a temporary satisfaction of making your partner feel satisfied. The real permanent solution lies in efforts and that's the most needed skill to let your partner perceive what you are capable of and why are you worthier enough to stay forever in love with.

Instead of investing your time and energy in alleviating the situation down temporarily, it is always better to take some space in search of filling the void of not raising the situation again in one's romantic relationship and that's how permanent solutions must be made by using the skill of love. You don't have to buy lavish gifts, say unbelievable lies, degrade yourself to be someone whom you are not, act manipulative to escape, and most importantly be in a mindset of sorting out things quickly in rush. Observe the drawbacks, loopholes, and things that majorly bother, both you and your partner. If you find any such aspect from your side or in you, then try to modify that particular aspect in a way where the drift between you and your partner can be cleared forever permanently. Exercise your skill in being together no matter what instead of using your enthusiasm to conceal up things instantly!

Love is a skill, not enthusiasm!

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