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Being disclosed in this open world...

This blog is not only for the people who are in the LGBT community and surely not only about sexual orientations. It is about every single person with a hidden personality who struggles to open up to the world regarding every aspect of his life. The world acts differently with a person basing on his personality. All the judgments, all the criticism, all the love, and all the hatred completely depend on how a person portrays his personality and his lifestyle choices to the society. Fortunately, some unfortunate circumstances also can lead a person to witness the brighter paths in the future. Because, when you are open, the whole fucking world gets to open up for you.

Forget about the whole world, regardless of the extrovert and introvert personalities, a person cannot open up to everyone regarding a few important, mysterious and dark incidents of his/her life. But when he finds someone reliable and trustworthy enough, he/she will surely share those inbuilt and stuffed up incidents of his/her life. With this sharing, a person could feel relieved, relaxed and completely transparent. This gives a person, a little boost to open up his/her personality with a person or with a set of people and ultimately with the whole world. And this is how, a person opens up about himself and let the world open up for him to listen and, receive all his innermost feelings, emotions and stories constructed on those feelings and emotions.

This happens to every person on earth because we humans are imperfect and we think sharing those imperfect things with so-called perfect society may make us feel more imperfect. But this is not true. There is never a society with imperfections. Indeed, all the rules, regulations and norms are maintained in a particular society to maintain the balance of perfections and imperfections. The fun fact is, no one knows what's perfect and what's imperfect. They just follow the deeds of others. So, do you think, sharing your story with all your feelings and emotions, make you feel imperfect? Hell, No. Because, the society is already imperfect, but yes, you need to choose some perfect people to share your so-called imperfections. Only they can understand your stories because they also carry the same imperfections as you.

We humans have weird perspectives of naming something new as an imperfection. We treat being gay is imperfect, we treat "startups" as imperfect business strategies, we treat everything opposite to our routines as imperfect, we also treat other lifestyle choices as imperfect. Because, all of us think, whatever we have is perfect and good enough to lead a happy lifestyle. This narrow-minded thought process of humans is one of the main reasons for another human to shut his world and not being disclosed about his feelings and emotions. And remember, if it happens to a fellow person, it may also happen to you one day.

Instead of being judgmental and passing unnecessary criticism on people's lifestyle choices, it would be always better, if you open up yourself a bit to listen to the stories of a fellow person. There is no harm in listening and soothing him with your frank, positive opinions and make a person feel you like home. Because, for him, you might be the world and when you make him feel that you are open to his disclosing personality, he surely gets motivated and feels the whole world is opening up. Being open to a person who is opening up his stories in front of you, also make you an open personality. It will indeed open up your world too.

This is an exponential process and it has its effects on either of the parties. Because positive vibes can spread way faster than negative vibes. When the negativity of a person, makes another person close his thoughts, obviously the flow of thoughts in this world gets shut within a person. There will be never an option to make those thoughts fly happily and freely in this huge world.

If you are a queer personality and if you have queer thoughts, do not suppress in yourself. Try to share them with people whom you think, can understand your feelings and emotions. When you, feel free to open up to at least one person about how you feel and the choices you want to make, without thinking about the future consequences, but preparing for any consequence, will surely motivate you to try something new, to become someone whom you dream, to lead a lifestyle you love. And this happens only when you disclose your personality to others which ultimately make you shine in this whole world in front of countless people. Being open, sometimes throw you in worse situations, but if you feel consistent enough about your feelings and emotions, you will have a great future ahead.

If you are one among the members of the LGBT community or just another person in this huge world, try not to get offended for others' lifestyle choices and do not think that you have the right to oppress others' thoughtful thoughts. If you don't like someone's choices, just back off by saying nothing. But if you want to do something better, just try to broaden your thought process and take others' thoughts and give your rightful opinions by not demeaning them. If you open up your personality to listen to someone's thoughts, that will indeed open up your whole world and changes the way you see the world. So, be a world of someone else's thoughts and experience the new open up world of yours.

Well, being disclosed in this open world, always make you feel like standing on a rock where you can see the whole world which is unending and unfading. That is what exactly a person's life must be. Try to open up and encounter the beautiful things in this open world.

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