Being a true "Queer Valentine"!

There is a long tragic story behind Valentine's day celebrations, but keeping the tragedy aside, this day is all about celebrating the love and affection between people which involves romanticism. Do you know what is being a Valentine to someone? There is no need that two people must be in a relationship to celebrate this pristine day. All you need is a connection with a person and go a little bit deeper intimate with the person you like or love. Hence, regardless of your relationship status, every person can celebrate love with the person they are in love with, it may be any person in this whole world. Because, love is fluid and flexible, with no rigid restrictions.

Speaking of rigidity, love is becoming restricted in the queer community. We are the people who always shout aloud that "love is love", but aren't we the same people who judge others and the connection between two people? Most of the people from the LGBT community, hardly understand the concept of love. Strictly speaking, 70% of the queer community are running on lust, not love. They simply misunderstand their feelings of various kinds of lust as love. And most importantly, instead of understanding other's love, we judge them and criticize them to the core. This is not because, we hate to love, this is because we don't try to understand love just because our love-life gets screwed up.