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Being a true "Queer Valentine"!

There is a long tragic story behind Valentine's day celebrations, but keeping the tragedy aside, this day is all about celebrating the love and affection between people which involves romanticism. Do you know what is being a Valentine to someone? There is no need that two people must be in a relationship to celebrate this pristine day. All you need is a connection with a person and go a little bit deeper intimate with the person you like or love. Hence, regardless of your relationship status, every person can celebrate love with the person they are in love with, it may be any person in this whole world. Because, love is fluid and flexible, with no rigid restrictions.

Speaking of rigidity, love is becoming restricted in the queer community. We are the people who always shout aloud that "love is love", but aren't we the same people who judge others and the connection between two people? Most of the people from the LGBT community, hardly understand the concept of love. Strictly speaking, 70% of the queer community are running on lust, not love. They simply misunderstand their feelings of various kinds of lust as love. And most importantly, instead of understanding other's love, we judge them and criticize them to the core. This is not because, we hate to love, this is because we don't try to understand love just because our love-life gets screwed up.

Don't you think that we must be the people who understand the concept of love than anyone else? Because, we are the ones, who struggle hard to express love and make others accept our love. A person from the queer community, surely suffocates a lot at any point in time, under the name of love. Because we stand different and we get treated as different just because our love is hard to digest by society. Same-sex love has always been considered as abnormal and against nature. Fortunately, those days got over and gradually the scenario has been changed. But, in the mode of changing others' ideologies about queer love, we are getting changed, indeed, getting diverted and our love is getting diluted.

Just because of your wrong choices of loving a person, do you think that you should blame the word called "Love"? This phenomenon is getting more common in the queer community. We know the real people belong to this community always believe in love. And many fake people are desperate about money, sex, name, and fame, diluting the community. Because of these, the feeling of love is gradually getting decreased and the feeling of lust is coping up. And most importantly, a good part of the queer community blames others for their love failures and in the end, they start losing trust in love.

But, why all this drama? We are queer and do you think that drama must be always a part of our life? Don't you consider our life is already a drama in this current scenario of struggling for acceptance? Why do we have to complicate our issues and lose faith in love, just because someone ruins it for us for the materialistic and bodily pleasures? If you lose trust in love, you can never be the same lovable person who struggles for love. Being a person from the queer community, you must be the one, who should spread love and who should keep the utmost trust in love.

Being a true queer valentine is not just asking out someone you love the most or giving grand surprises to the person you are in a relationship with or going out for parties to show the world that you are also in love with another queer person as a status symbol. It is way more than these things. It is all about understanding the feelings of a fellow queer person. It is all about supporting the love of others. It is all about standing for the person whom you care about. It is all about protecting a person from these fake people. It is all about loving your ex-partners by ignoring the past. It is all about mingling with others, regardless of gender, orientation and social status. It is all about loving yourself. It is all about loving the way you want to lead your life and letting others lead their lives. It is all about being feasible and flexible to any kind of consequence that arises because of your orientation and because of your love.

And most importantly, being a true queer valentine is all about not losing the faith in love and keep trusting yourself and your instincts in love, no matter how many times you get screwed up by people and by your wrong choices of loving people. A little positivity always helps a queer person to overcome the struggles he/she encounters in his/her daily life. We are queer, and we always break the stereotypes. Hence, break the word which is ruling in the current scenario that Queer love is fragile. Because it isn't. It is way stronger than any kind of love. Be a true queer valentine who never gives up on the concept of love, though people give up on you. Only we can understand what "Love is Love", actually mean!

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