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Beards or skinheads or both?

Hair always plays a prominent role in erotic attractions, regardless of gender. Some like long hair and some like keeping it short and some crave for full beards whereas few always maintain clean-shaven faces. Hair is that one regenerated part of the body in which a person feels sexually attracted and this happens because of the sense of visibility and sense of touch. Senses are critical in making a person have sensual fetishes to spice up one's sex life. Fetishes are the ones in which a person sensually fantasizes and look attractive features in another person to get attracted physically and sexually. Do you know that beards and skinheads are also one of such fetishes in which a person focuses on other men? Women and Gay men befall the ones who have a fetish for facial hair.

Facial hair, in one way, is a boon to men which oozes sensual masculinity. This helps in attracting other men or women to have intense sexual desires. Physical appearance matters for some people to get sexually engaged. Facial hair and crown hair can make a person feel that sensual urge towards other men.

Skinheads include men in buzz cuts, undercuts, and mostly the men who prefer to maintain the shortest hair length where the skin can be easily visible to a naked eye. Fitfully bald-heads also include in skinheads. Not those egg-resembling bald-heads, but the men who have the blended appearance of a skinhead and bald-head. People who like trimmed hair, or shorter hair length find these kinds of men sensually attractive and they take it as their fetish and also as the priority in filtering a sexual partner. People who have fetishes for skinheads or bald-heads never like the long-haired men or drooling worthy hair flips from men! These people get turned on when they see a skin head man with their particular body preferences or types.

Classic clean-shaven days are gone and now people find men in beards as hot. Beards are of various lengths and some beardos maintain them very well by trimming in shapes, shampooing, conditioning, and oiling them too. This is all about maintaining a healthy beard to attract women and gay men as their sexual partners. Gay men typically find men in beards as matured, hot, and highly erotic. It's all about the appearance and touch. Kissing the facial beard covered lips turns on these men who have fetishes for beards.

Beards are one such physical element; a person can get impressed at first sight. Some like bushy beards and some like well-maintained ones. Clean-shaven faces are a big no for these gay men who have a fetish for beards. For these men, nothing comes into the picture except beards; some people don't mind mustaches too, all they care about is a person with a thick beard.

People hardly consider the core intimate performance when it comes to fulfilling fetishes. Experiencing an orgasm is wholly dependent on these fetish features in one's sexual partners. Skinheads and beards come under hair fetishism. Shorter crown hair length and thicker facial hair matter the most in this type of fetishism. Do you know how people fulfill this particular fetishism in sex? Of course, the appearance of a skinhead or a beard, do matter in getting attracted to a person, but a sense of touch is more important for a person to have an orgasm out of fetishism.

Kissing, rimming, and body play are the sensual acts that let a person fulfill his or her sensual fetish for beards and skinheads. If you are a person who is passionate about skinheads, you never allow your partner's head to get out of your hands. You touch his head all the time; you kiss all over his head and ask him to dig into your vagina or butt hole to experience the poking sense of those tiny hair strands. For these people having sex while looking into the eyes of a skinhead-person is inexplicable. They get highly turned when they can feel the skinhead by touching it and some people like to get their men to roll their skinheads all over the body to feel the roughness of a skinhead.

Beards; people who have a fetish for beards just drool over every man who maintains a good and healthy beard with an exotic style. They don't even bother about other details and not even their sexual stamina in sex because all they need is a man with a thick beard sleeping beside them and canoodling them, Have you ever experienced rimming from a bearded guy and do you know how it feels to have a bearded guy eating your ass or vagina? Ask the ones who crave for bearded guys, they will explain to you very deeply.

It's everything about the feeling of roughness or harshness or tickling effect, a man's beard gives when he eats ass or vagina. When a muscled bearded guy dumps his head between the butt cheeks and slowly inserts his tongue into the butt hole where the facial hair acts as a tickling bus, man, that's too orgasmic to handle. During foreplay, running over the beard all over the body from tip to toe and kiss at the sensual point, by deeply piercing the beard into the skin, make a person who has a fetish for beards, turn on the most.

Skinheads and beards play role in fetishism in giving a person the sensual tickling rough touch effect which makes a person turn on for such people who have skinheads and thick beards. So, are you among the ones? And if yes, tell your partner about your fetish for shorter hair length and thickest beard, because some people get attracted to both, and it is moderately a trend now. Surely you do get attracted to Turkish and Arabic men, don't you?

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