Beards or skinheads or both?

Hair always plays a prominent role in erotic attractions, regardless of gender. Some like long hair and some like keeping it short and some crave for full beards whereas few always maintain clean-shaven faces. Hair is that one regenerated part of the body in which a person feels sexually attracted and this happens because of the sense of visibility and sense of touch. Senses are critical in making a person have sensual fetishes to spice up one's sex life. Fetishes are the ones in which a person sensually fantasizes and look attractive features in another person to get attracted physically and sexually. Do you know that beards and skinheads are also one of such fetishes in which a person focuses on other men? Women and Gay men befall the ones who have a fetish for facial hair.

Facial hair, in one way, is a boon to men which oozes sensual masculinity. This helps in attracting other men or women to have intense sexual desires. Physical appearance matters for some people to get sexually engaged. Facial hair and crown hair can make a person feel that sensual urge towards other men.

Skinheads include men in buzz cuts, undercuts, and mostly the men who prefer to maintain the shortest hair length where the skin can be easily visible to a naked eye. Fitfully bald-heads also include in skinheads. Not those egg-resembling bald-heads, but the men who have the blended appearance of a skinhead and bald-head. People who like trimmed hair, or shorter hair length find these kinds of men sensually attractive and they take it as their fetish and also as the priority in filtering a sexual partner. People who have fetishes for skinheads or bald-heads never like the long-haired men or drooling worthy hair flips from men! These people get turned on when they see a skin head man with their particular body preferences or types.