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Basic steps to find a good gay partner!

If you are done with a lot of exploration in your dating life and been in a lot of relationships with the wrong people and encountered too many breakups in life, then it's high time for you to calm your nerves and relax a bit to achieve a proper clarity about your dream gay partner to complete your life.

You might be already fed up with your fluctuating dating life with hookups, love, relationships, commitments, breakups, patch-ups, and typical emotional and mental drama. You may be in a stage where you have given up the thought of allowing a new person in your life just to get rid of all the repetition of the dating drama in your life. But yeah, you must give yourself and others, a chance to flourish your love towards you and others. You don't have to get into the same drama if you become a little cautious and focus on yourself and your needs. All you need to do is to follow a few basic steps before finding a true loving gay boyfriend or partner.

Step-1: Chuck out all the previous drama. Take all the shitty things your exes left in you physically and emotionally. Wash and clean your mental self completely without any trace of the painful past but yeah, you can always cherish the memorable moments from your past, though!

Step2: Give yourself some time to mourn your screwed-up dating life. Cry how much ever you want and try to remove all the underlying hatred, guilt, confusion, disappointment, pain, and any other feeling which makes you feel like drowning in the darkness. Take proper time to heal before preparing yourself to give the last chance to find your dream partner. Don't keep a time-period. Just get with the flow of life and don't count days, months, and years. You can find your partner maybe after 9 years of this day.

Step 3: Do not rush. The world isn't ending yet. And you still have a beautiful life ahead to lead by focusing on yourself and uplifting your personality. If you rush yourself up to find a person to fill you, you end up allowing the wrong person to fill the position, and again the drama repeats.

Step 4: Crucial step indeed. Don't give a bare minimum thought about finding the right partner to befit your gay lifestyle. Leave it to nature and mind your own business of escalating your lifestyle by fulfilling your goals. Till you invest your time in looking for a boyfriend particularly, you won't find your right one. It's foolish to say, but trust in the concept of serendipity. One day, you will bump into your right one for sure!

Step 5: Start accepting yourself the way you are. Love yourself more than anyone else. Prioritize yourself first and always look into things you are interested in and you are capable of. Outer appearances do matter, but you shouldn't force yourself too much. You can't look beautiful all the time. Stop obsessing about your looks and start focusing on strengthening your physical and mental core.

Step 6: Never change but always transform. You should be you with a tint of improvised personality. Treat past relationships as lessons. Learn the important things from them. Try imbibing whatever you lack be it, physical abilities, emotional capabilities, and mental strength. You need to be a new person with your same adorable and lovable personality. Never lose hope in you and love.

Step 7: Also, stop expecting too much from others. Most importantly, stop filtering people according to looks, money, and status. Always remember, love is not about these temporary materialistic things. Even though you can't choose your man without including these factors, always look at yourself before pointing out others. You can't expect to have a filthy rich businessman in your life when you have nothing in your hand. So yeah, try to balance out your lifestyle to select men from the lifestyle you love to have in your life. But always try eliminating the materialistic thoughts when it comes to finding your true man. Because love doesn't work with these worldly and bodily expectations.

Step 8: It doesn't mean you need to stoop down your levels to get along with someone whom you feel undeserving and unworthy. If you start adjusting at the initial stages of a relationship by choosing someone who doesn't deserve you at all, then you can't be the same person and you end up adjusting throughout your life. Never adjust. Always try for something greater and extravagant in your life. You don't have to adjust when you can improve yourself to reach peaks in your life, be it personal or professional.

Step 9: You may find many people in your life and come across a lot of guys who show interest in you, but yeah don't repeat the same mistake of committing to a person without taking at least three months. Try to know each other without rushing things up. Understand the personalities and comprehend the capabilities of a person with whom you want to share your whole life. And when you feel confident about someone whom you think the right one, never hesitate to express your feelings.

Step 10: If you feel vulnerable, share every piece of detail of your day, eagerly waiting to meet him and talk to him, and most importantly if you feel complete in the presence of a man without having any physical and emotional filters on your personality and truly believe that you are being you, then yeah, you are with a right person. So, wait until this moment happens in your life regardless of the time. Till then meet people, date them, evaluate them and finally express your love to someone who you truly love!

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