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At India's Largest Mall...

My Hyderabad trip for the 6th time in my life became special when I came to know that the India's Largest Mall was in the capital city of Telangana. Being a Shopaholic, the traveler and the person who loves the Malls and covered most of the malls whole over India, coming across this fact was thrilling and totally appealing. Malls are the places which I love the most just because of shopping, food, movies and mostly for the sophisticated crowd. I have been to malls all over India and have visited most of them. Soon after I came to know about this mall which was claimed to be India's Largest Mall, with no second thought, I have decided, planned and visited the Sarath City Capital Mall, on the Miyapur-Kondapur road of Hyderabad.

Taken as a Prestigious Project, the Skill Promoters Enterprise and the owner Sarath Gopal Boppana have collaborated together to present the most stylish, extravagant, grandeur, elegant and elite mall of Hyderabad. Till last year, Malls like Inorbit, GVK, Forum were ruling the Hyderabad City. And it clearly shows that The Sarath City Capital Mall has totally attracted every person in Hyderabad and ruling people's hearts currently. The huge space of this mall was capable of entertaining the humongous crowd. The mirror shine marble flooring, the interior lighting, the royal chandeliers, the electronic systems, Indian and International glamour labels of Fashion, Hair and Beauty, the most elegant cinematic experience by AMB cinemas, the vast space of food courts with Indian and International Food Chains, the Kid friendly atmosphere and most importantly "The Bazaar" are the major aspects of the mall and not to be missed at all.

I have totally spent a whole day exploring this mall and couldn't resist myself appreciating every single inch of it. Though some of the stores weren't designed and started yet, the floors of this mall were still vibrant and appealing. The huge space of this mall was entirely decorated with fabulous lighting and one would definitely get tired roaming from one corner to another corner. Inspired from the Western countries, this mall totally decked up like ultramodern, polished and sophisticated commercial space. The Entertainment, Shopping and Food concepts were very different from other malls and this mall stood out of the box in encouraging the local Hyderabadi Vendors to see their products.

On the top most floor, there existed "The Bazaar", contrary to the other interiors and unlike western structure, this bazaar space has totally decorated by taking inspirations from Indian Art and Architecture. Resembling, Golconda Fort structures, the domes, arches and structure of each stall or store in this Bazaar are one of a kind. The Royal Chandeliers, the fragrance and the aura of local markets has elevated the concept of "The Bazaar" even more. One could find many Indian items like Ithr (perfume), Potli bags, Jaipuri bags, Mojri footwear, antique jewelry, artificial gold and silver jewelry, bags, clothing, furnishing items and many more stalls maintained by local vendors inside the mall. This Bazaar was too elegant for a normal market scene. This must be witnessed surely.

On the other side of it, the presence of AMB Cinemas which gives the extravagant cinematic experience, attract the visitors. Wholly owned by the Super Star of Tollywood, Mahesh Babu, AMB Cinemas were inexplicably beautiful and grand. The outer and inner appearance of this Multiplex movie theater were so elegant and elite to the core. If one would like to have a sophisticated and elite movie show, one must book tickets over here. Well, one need not have to stand in queues at the box office for tickets though. The tickets could be directly booked from the technical slot near the box office with the payment gateways and machines. Sounds so easy right. This mall was all about advanced technologies. Too modernized and too innovative.

Well, I didn't feel any progressive nature in the Crowd of Hyderabad. Same old school mindsets. Same conservative theories and same judgmental criticism. Malls like these were totally for entertainment and nothing more than that. They treat people from outside also in an entertaining way. I always mention about the stares and looks people give me when I cross their paths without poking into their businesses. The same thing has happened here too. No matter how developed the metropolitan cities are, the people in these capital cities are way more outdated. They are disgusting with their ridiculous stares, laughs, gossips about other people. They love pointing their fingers at others. One situation has totally defined the not so developed metropolitan mindsets of Hyderabad.

One fine evening, when I went to grab some beers in the Elite Wine shop in the cellar of the mall, I found an artist showcasing his beautifully photographed portraits on the ground floor of the mall. The photographs were real, raw and intense. Some were nudes though. I felt like appreciating the artist and came to know that they were running some summer workshops and promoting their photography institution. I hardly found 5 people in his whole huge gallery who were checking out the photographs. After a few minutes, the crowd was kind of happening due to the weekend. No one in the whole crowd has dared enough to peep into those intense body portraits. Everyone has ignored it off intentionally. That was so mean to be a Metropolitan. I purposefully went there and stood for around 15 minutes appreciating the work and talking to other artists. The people stared at me in a way as if I was running a brothel. So annoying and too disturbing. The behavior of people was so low to keep them under the constraints of Metropolitan.

I have encountered the judgments and criticism in this mall at every place, including the food courts, the cinemas, the escalators and especially in the wine shop when a 70 plus year old uncle judging the young girls who were around late 20's regarding buying the booze from the store. Fuck man, I was so shocked for his stupidity. Those girls didn't even ask him a single penny and that guy was doing 100 rupees action. Totally unnecessary to the core.

When I was articulating something in my laptop by sitting on a bench inside the mall on the second floor, I literally felt myself as a museum piece. People used to pass the paths and used to stop and look at me. They literally stopped to see what I was doing. That was too distressing and humiliating. I was like a showpiece. I was fashionable in my own way and they literally treated me as something else. A guy with his girlfriend arrived and sat beside my bench. He gave me looks many times. He was with his girlfriend and she was like a chatter box talking to him like mad. But that guy's focus was on me. I got frustrated and shouted at him. That guy was cute though, but the way he looked has agitated me. Somehow, his girlfriend found me as a distraction it seemed. She gave a weird look at me and took his boyfriend away. I rolled my eyes and continued typing on my laptop.

I have been to this mall for at least 5 times in the span of my one week trip to Hyderabad. I loved the ambiance and atmosphere in such a way that I used to grab my lunch, dinner, beers, everything over there. One day, Ramya (one of my girls) and I decided to meet for a lunch at Sarath City Capital Mall. As she stayed nearby, we thought of filling our tummies and step outside. We met really after a long time, though we text and call very often. She was surprised with my new look and she felt happy seeing me and the way I was leading my life. She literally got pissed off many times when people used to stare at me.

She got annoyed and said " Why these stupids have to stare at you like that? Why can't they mind their own business? I'm getting irritated when they are looking at you in a different way." Well, these lines were expected from her because she knew me since our college. I didn't answer anything to her. I just wanted to listen to her views about the people in Hyderabad. She has been staying there for many months. She is in the corporate sector and for her being gay is totally fine and normal. But she mentioned that, people in Hyderabad were bothersome to the core. I felt that she got even embarrassed because of me. This happens with anyone who hang out with me. Can't do anything. That unnecessary attention I get annoys people who accompany me. These were a few situations I encountered in the luxurious and elite space of the Sarath City Capital Mall..!!

The lifestyle in Hyderabad was all about earning loads of money. And that stops there. They just buy spend lavishly on dinners and shopping, they relieve their stress in weekends and pack their bags to hit the offices on weekdays. This is the basic lifestyle, meaning of every Hyderabadi. Well, there are many stories I came across during my trip regarding the Corporate Lifestyle Scenario of Hyderabad. Wait for them....

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