Aspects that elevate Sensual Elegance during Sex!

Here elegance is not about being stylish when you are supposed to be naked with your sex partner. The sensual elegance is all about being pleasingly creative and simple to let your partner get into you with the atmosphere around. If you think sex is all about two bodies and nothing else, then you will never evolve in the world of sensuality. It is about appreciating every sole factor in and around you to explore the inside out of your sex partner. And to elevate that sensual elegance you need to create your kind of vibe to let your partner understand how passionate you are in terms of physical and emotional intimacy.

If you are someone who doesn't care about surroundings and who is quite okay having sex at any place regardless of the neatness, hygiene, and atmospheric vibe, then this blog isn't for you, and if you can't keep efforts to create a sensual mood during sex, then you never get to explore the zeal and passion in sex. But if you are someone who likes to communicate with your partner in every possible way other than just submitting your body, then you need to know the key aspects like lights, music, mood, place, location, aroma, and the aura to escalate the sensuality in the air.


Darkness and Light play a major role in making a fornicating couple comfortable sensually. Ask your partner and follow the mode of light that your partner needs during sex. Some people like having sex in bright daylight, some people love ultimate darkness while some people love the dim light vibe with candles, lamps, and lanterns. You may have your priority in setting up the light condition around you while having sex. Bring the balance of light and dark around you so that you don't have to bother your eyes during sex which is vitally important to make eye contact or to get things handy around.

Adjusting curtains, allowing ventilation through windows, opting for colored lights instead of incandescent and fluorescent lamps, placing candles in the corners of the room or places where your positions won't get disturbed, and hanging lanterns to set a sensual mood to give you that motivation to make love with your partner.