As long as I can watch, I'm Okay with it ...

Another notorious phrase that is always directed towards every queer person by almost every heterosexual. If you consider a particular man or woman as your queer ally and hear this particular statement, then he or she isn't your ally but a queerphobic person. We have tons of them around the queer community who masquerade themselves as queer allies but indeed spill the intense microaggression towards the community. Instead of supporting and accepting a queer person, they pretend to be okay with orientations other than heterosexuality but indeed they never accept any queer person from the bottom of their hearts. It's such a pity, that we, the queer people become easy targets for their microaggression statements.

Generally, this happens when a queer person encounters new people, be it in the workplace or the neighborhood or sometimes with the family and relatives. It's so disgusting some people use this particular phrase as their opening line whenever they meet any queer person. There is an underlying hatred, unacceptance, embarrassment, and criticism behind this phrase.

A few straight men and women assume that they may get involved sexually or physically when a queer person reveals one's sexual orientation. They feel so cautious and conscious about themselves unnecessarily. They think that every queer person wants to sleep with them or hit on them regardless of the standards of that particular gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender. This is completely unhealthy and absurd, but somehow most of the queer people face it and just strike the phrase off with a smile.