Are you the best without the person you want the most?

Isn't it a tricky question to ask ourselves or to others who are deeply in love with a person but cannot allow the same person to stay in his/her life due to various issues? Love teaches us many lessons. It can transform a useless person into the most productive one, and it can change a stable person into an unsettled one. The hardest lesson it teaches us is to live without the person who made us learn every single love lesson. The question is are you best at it?

Generally, people think breakups are the end of love stories, indeed they are just phases of love or relationships. Do you believe the feelings make us both stronger and weaker at the same point in time? When we break up with our loved ones, our ego and issues come into the picture and rule the relationship, because of that we intend to believe that we can emerge as a stronger person further. But deep down some of us don't even know how to face any situation with a person beside us.

A few people can transform into our habits. And of course, if you are in a relationship with a person, that particular person becomes one of your habits and this is why we keep texting our loved ones and know what they are up to. In romantic relationships, a couple becomes each other's habit which may later reflect into over protection and over possessiveness. Love is limitless, but a person needs to maintain some limitations while dealing with one's partner. Habits are hard to resist, and they become part of the daily routine and some may get addicted to those habits. Like how a person gets deeply habituated with his/her partner in a relationship.

What happens if you suddenly break up with that particular person? Can you be without your loved one and manage your life like before? Can you imagine your next day waking up alone and observing the absence of a person beside your pillow? Have you ever thought about not talking to your loved ones for more than 24 hours? Have you practiced being alone without your partner? Have you done things alone which you always used to do jointly with your partner? Altogether, have you ever prepared for the situation where you need to live like you, as a single? Isn't it difficult and suffocating to think about such situations, especially when you are delighted with your partner in a smooth going relationship?

Some people are meant to be each other and some people are tagged as made for each other by everyone around. It doesn't mean that a particular couple is the same way throughout life. Some situations make us re-prioritize our topmost priorities and force us to substitute those priorities with others. This is why some people choose career over love, though they know that the person they love is the person they want the most. And some people need to walk away from the people they love the most because of their partner's changed behavioral patterns and priorities. These are a kind of stuck-up situations that let a person struggle the most while choosing and moving forward in life.