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Are you 'Redialing' the same wrong number?

Metaphorically, are you thinking about going back to the same person who has proven you wrong before in love? Well, it is quite understandable if you feel a few instincts that may make you believe getting back to your ex or someone you never forget, could be the right move to welcome the warmth of love in your life. Some people are hard to forgive, but they can also be the ones who are hard to forget. Even after successfully crossing the bridge of the moving-on phase, we may approach the dead ends where we have to come back to the same wrong paths to search for new ones. The chances are, either you may feel the same wrong path as your destination or else you may encounter the whole wrong path as a lead to the right one.

This dilemma of reaching the person you can never forget and trying to develop intimacy could be a hectic task but the feeling of love play with you in different possible ways where you see yourself putting in a situation you never want because you still believe in taking a chance. One-sided love and mutual breakup scenarios are the perfect examples of this romantic dilemma.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you can't resist falling in love with, at any moment and any phase in life? Then, you can relate to this whole redialling situation. If you are someone who never expressed your love to the person whom you truly desire but still make sure his/her existence remains unerased in your life in various ways, then you must understand the practicality behind your fanatical feelings. Assumptions invariably cause a person to hang in the air without any balance. You may fall for sure and gain nothing. Instead of making your calculations of failing, why don't you give a chance of expressing your feelings to the person you love the most?

That person could be the right one for you and from your side but without expressing your love, that person always remains the right person with the wrong number. No matter how many times you redial the same wrong number, the result will be the same. Here redialling is not expressing your emotion of love but still wanting that person romantically in your life. Isn't it too complicated? How about making it simple by expressing your emotions and experiencing the result on your own without reaching the person again and again in the expectancy of love?

One-sided love is an irresistible feeling where a person can love someone he/she desires the most forever but at some point, it becomes toxic where everything bothers you and may make you change into someone you are not. What if the other person also believes the same, then you may squander the chance of spending your romantic life with that person. If the other person doesn't feel the same for you, you end up achieving a closure that makes you face the reality.

So, stop redialling the same wrong number by expecting the right person to attend. Recall the right number and expect the right person to attend.

Mutual breakups happen for a cause. Broadly careers, long-distance, family, and societal norms, may make a couple decide to part away from each other by giving the right kind of closures to move on, in the expectancy of finding a befitting partner to the circumstances. Unlike breakups that happen out of serious relationship issues, mistrust, miscommunication, and misunderstanding, mutual breakups are harder to deal with. Love still exists in such relationships, and there's always a chance for those mutual decisions to get nullified.

If you are someone who mutually broke up with your partner but still can't forget that person and always wants to mend things to work that relationship to take it forward by overcoming hurdles, then you must question yourself whether the person is the right one for you or not. In many mutual breakup scenarios, one party breaks off the relationship and the other ones get along with the decision out of no choice. Technically, that's not mutual and it's indeed a forced decision, which is also out of love to see one's loved partner satisfied.

But this unforgettable romantic bond may make you fall into the dilemma of getting back to your ex and even this feeling could be mutual and your ex-partner may equally feel the same. Before committing again, you must make sure whether you are redialling the right number or the wrong number. What if the same situation arises one more time in your life? What if your career-driven partner never considers you as a priority? What if the same societal stereotypes and gender norms become the reason to suppress your freedom in love? What if your paths again make you end up experiencing long-distance after committing?

So, before redialling, kindly check whether the number is right or wrong even though the person is right because if a similar situation happens and if you face the past experiences again, then you may feel regret for dialing the wrong number again in the expectancy of the right person. Comprehend the whole love situation and make sure of everything before committing back to your ex with whom you mutually broke up. This provides you clarity and if your partner assures you of confronting life together regardless of barriers, then you end up being happy and satisfied with your loved one.

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