Are you just being too sensitive?

Or are you being actively reactive? Because there's a massive difference between being delicate and being strongly opinionated. Unfortunately, all the queerphobic people out there don't, won't, and can't understand this basic difference, especially when they throw various kinds of microaggressions in terms of gender identities and sexual orientations towards the queer community!

Humans are good at playing the blame game and also proficient in throwing others in the pool of guilt. Most of us are quite opportunistic and manipulative, especially while criticizing others. Here, the heterosexuals aren't the only ones who throw judgmental criticism towards the queer community but also the queer people from various orientations pass unnecessary and baseless judgments on each other. And this is the very reason, why people from outside the queer community take an advantage of queer people and their queer lifestyle scenarios!

Unlike the previous eras, where queer people used to be suppressed and oppressed for being queer, in the current scenario, queer people are getting attacked by these microaggressions from others who never understand the reality of the queer community. Have you ever encountered someone telling you that, "you are just being too sensitive", even after you know that the other person has made a serious demeaning comment on your queer life and queer lifestyle? Well, this is the most common thing, any queer person experience in one's life.