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Are you holding a double edged sword in your relationship?

Some love stories end up abruptly and some relationships fail in surviving for longer spans. This is completely common and okay because life is way more powerful and important than the emotion of love. We make promises to our partners to be with them no matter what and most of us strive very hard to fulfill it to make our partners feel happy and satisfied. It's good to keep up the promises but not at the cost of your happiness. Whenever it's between love and one's own life, people mostly choose love and in the end, they surely regret not choosing life. Do you think choosing a person whom you don't deserve is a better option than choosing your life to explore the love further with some other deserving person?

At some point in your life, after making various efforts in adjusting one's personality according to one's partner, that person transforms into a different person because if you adjust for your partner more than it is required, then you surely lose your "self". We can't recognize and indeed we don't want to realize that situation where we remain as just a person in a relationship and nothing else. We get habituated to be in a relationship without the constraint of love by assuming that we are in love. And do you think a relationship without love is a valid one?

The fear of loneliness is the main reason why people stuck up with their partners though they know the love spark has vanished a long ago. If we get habituated being with a person in a committed relationship, it becomes hard for us to leave though we have every reason to break the relationship off. Your one reason to stay in a relationship must never be the fear of being alone, and this point of time, you need to go with all the million reasons to leave that particular person who doesn't love you anymore.

It's not the habit of being with that person makes you hold on to your toxic relationship, it's the fear of ending up alone without a partner after the breakup, makes you hold on to a person whom you think you are in love with. This fear becomes a double-edged sword, and the situations around it make you hold this sword which ultimately kills you and your happiness.

Do you know what's a double-edged sword is capable of? It can kill the other person but at the same time, it equally kills you too. Though it serves happiness at one end, it surely drowns you deep into the pool of sadness. Not every person feels like holding this but if you are a person who thinks that no one can be better than the current partner of yours and if you are not sure about yourself exploring another person and most importantly if you aren't confident about yourself, then you feel playing it safe by holding this double-edged sword though you know it's killing you from one end. Because all you care is the sillier and never-long-lasting happiness of being in a relationship.

Having a partner beside you is different and having a partner in your life is different. If your partner bothers you in many ways and only gives you nothing but physical happiness in the form of sex, do you think that kind of relationship does good for you emotionally? Indeed, no, the fear of loneliness gets converted into fear of losing your partner and indeed you transform into a person who is insecure and who has a lot of inferior complexities. Initially, you won't feel toxic because all you want is a partner and a relationship but gradually, it kills you from inside.

The happiness you get in being with a person whom you don't love anymore is equal to nothing because that's not happiness, that's the fear of being sad. Some relationships are meant to be short-lived and when you feel that your partner is no longer the one whom you loved once, then you need to get back to the position where you have started, as a single!

There are many people around you and if you open up, then there are many chances for you to explore another person, maybe not today, but one day, you will get a person who loves you more than anything else and who, you deserve better than anyone else. Throw the goddamn double-edged sword, don't let the fear of loneliness, overstep your happiness, and make you stuck up with the wrong person. You don't have to consider it as a mistake. Just take it as an experience and move on to explore the new experiences in life! Remember, being single and exploring for the right person is always better than being with the wrong person!

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