Are you holding a double edged sword in your relationship?

Some love stories end up abruptly and some relationships fail in surviving for longer spans. This is completely common and okay because life is way more powerful and important than the emotion of love. We make promises to our partners to be with them no matter what and most of us strive very hard to fulfill it to make our partners feel happy and satisfied. It's good to keep up the promises but not at the cost of your happiness. Whenever it's between love and one's own life, people mostly choose love and in the end, they surely regret not choosing life. Do you think choosing a person whom you don't deserve is a better option than choosing your life to explore the love further with some other deserving person?

At some point in your life, after making various efforts in adjusting one's personality according to one's partner, that person transforms into a different person because if you adjust for your partner more than it is required, then you surely lose your "self". We can't recognize and indeed we don't want to realize that situation where we remain as just a person in a relationship and nothing else. We get habituated to be in a relationship without the constraint of love by assuming that we are in love. And do you think a relationship without love is a valid one?