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Are straight men are feeling discriminated in the glamorous world?

Well, in fact, Yes! Wonder how the major percentage of sexual orientation in the society is getting affected by one of the gender minorities, especially in the world of glamour? There are many reasons behind this unintentional discrimination and of course one of them is the intentional discrimination against queer people since ages in our society. A few decades ago, being gay was a sin and society norms were quite against for the homosexual people. Hence, many of the homosexual, bisexual and transgender achievers had to be closeted to get rid of the unnecessary disturbances in those eras.

But still, the glamorous industry has been blossoming and booming up like sky scrappers since then because of the existence of these LGBT creative minds. Time has changed everything. The strict and narrow societal norms got vanished now. In the current scenario, being a person from the LGBT community is no more sin or crime or illegal. Now, everyone is getting segregated depending on their talents, not their sexual orientations. Well, when it comes to glamorous talents, homosexuals, most gays are ruling the industries with their creative mindsets.

Fashion, Hair and Makeup industries are running on the creative minds of many LGBT community people working and giving their innovative inputs to the industries to excel themselves and their companies in the world market. Most of the creative directors of most of the International luxury brands are gays. Their contributions for the fashion industry are never-ending, irreplaceable and outstanding every time they hit the International ramp walks with their collections. Similarly, the world-renowned makeup artists are gays and Transgenders. The drag makeup looks are the most popular and difficult makeup artistry where all these LGBT makeup artists work with the utmost ease. And when it comes to the hair industry, many hairdressers, hair experts, and hairdo creators are gay guys who stand out among others with their contributions in the industry.

Nevertheless, there is no such concept of sexual orientations included in the work, all the people from the LGBT community always are ahead of many straight men and women who dream of ruling the glamorous industries. For example, recently Kanye West has uttered a statement in an interview right after showcasing his brand new collection, said that sometimes he feels discriminated being in the fashion industry which is getting ruled by these gay creative minds and he also said that he wishes he were gay to produce the collection which his customers look exactly for. This is just one instance and many are in the books of glamorous industries which specified that straight men are little cautious about their fellow gay men who are leading in the industry.

It's pretty simple. The emotional mindset of a person always delivers the best outcomes in his/her work. A gay man can relate to the effeminate side of him, to contribute all his ideas on a particular design. A gay designer can give the best looks to his customers because he won't see the customers, he sees himself in the outfit, he sees how he looks pretty if he wears any particular outfit and his work motives always reflect his personality. It is proven that the designs which are clicked hugely in the market are the designs produced by the gay men in the industry, be it fashion, hair, and makeup.

A straight man can give the best look and makeover to a woman, but a gay man can do way beyond the best to make that woman look prettier than ever. Because, for a straight man, a woman is a customer but for a gay man, a woman is he, himself and someone he looks up to a sensitive side of a female. The success ratio of gay men in the makeup industry is way more forward than the success ratio of straight men. In fact, the International Make up brand Mac, consists of 90% of gay men working with them because they believe that the emotional side of gay men always bring out the best in their customers and they take an initiation to experiment, explore, educate, enlighten and empower the people around them with their creative minds.

Hence, many straight men felt like getting discriminated in the glamorous industries of the World. Especially, in the aspects of fashion, hair, and makeup, surely gay men are ruling better than straight men and that leads to a different perspective in people's mind. People often consider men who work in glamorous industries as gay men because they think the gay men are more creative than straight men in transforming a person physically into a beautiful human with the dressing, hairdos, and makeover. It's quite a judgmental thought, but it is said and portrayed in this way, that most of the men in glamorous industries have proven their creative capabilities to the whole world. Even today, many designs from many great International gay designers are the talk of the town all the time no matter how old that particular design is. People still count on these gay men and their works and their efficiency in being creative in the work they do.

After being discriminated for ages, gay men never lose their hopes in building their careers in glamorous industries to work with their soul and their emotional sides which can be easily relatable with their customers. Unlike, straight men, the struggles of gay men in excelling in glamorous industries are inexplicable. So, to all the straight men who are feeling discriminated by the gay men in the industry, you do not have to feel like that if you can accept the creative mindsets of gay men and move forward rather than complaining about it. Because gay men always get discriminated by society, no matter how futuristic the world becomes and they will never make other people feel discriminated. Straight men have to just accept the fact that the Gay men are good at creativity. Simple!

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