Appearance doesn't indicate Sexual Orientation!

How many of you got judged by people basing on your looks or dressing manners? Well, the answer is every one of us. Because the societal norms make every person in the society designed in a way to judge the other person on his/her appearance or his/her dressing manners. Unconsciously, every one of us simply forms an opinion after seeing a person from our perspective which includes all these ridiculous norms which everyone has been following for ages. But, we all are forgetting that we are way farther from the stone age civilization days and we are heading towards the unbelievable futuristic world, but still our mindsets regarding appearances and sexual orientations aren't tilting towards modernity.

In this current age, everything is a trend and especially in the context of appearances, multiple varieties of blended looks like androgynous, uni-sexual, gender-queer, gender-neutral, etc. and many more are in the trend right now. Many people are following these trends in every nook and corner of the world. But the real question is, are these people able to breathe properly after getting questioned by many others around them, who judge their sexual orientations basing on how they look and dress? Deep breath out would be a perfect answer to this question because all those people believe in modernity and run their worlds according to trends are the ones who always get judged by others for the way how they lead their lifestyle.