Androgynous fashion life and it's problems!

Androgyny, the one word which specifies two meanings. Masculinity plus Femininity is an equation for an androgynous person. This is an ancient word used for many personalities who managed to deliver two kinds of personalities in a same body. But, the theme of the word is booming up in the current century. And that makes most of the sophisticated, educated and understanding personalities as androgynous. Because only people who can understand the meaning of this word are leading an androgynous life. But what about people who don't even a minimum idea about the term and the story behind the term?

After a clarity regarding sexual orientations and gender identities, the society is still getting confused regarding the various sexual preferences, intentions and various gender terms. Still in India, there are a lot of people who are confused about the LGBTQIA+ terminologies. It's a shame on our education system, where it is just focusing on two terms, male and female. There is nothing more than that in the syllabuses of kids. Hence, the educated are also behaving like an uneducated and an illiterate person in the concept of Sexual orientations.

Internal body changes are way more different than External sexual preferences. This simple part is making people confused about themselves and mostly others. People still don't know the basic difference between a Gay guy and a Transgender person, Cross dresser and transsexual person, Gender queer and Gender fluid, Androgynous and Hermaphrodite etc.

If an effeminate gay man shows his feminine side, even though he opts to wear men's clothing as his dressing sense, he would be considered as a Transgender without any further thoughts. A transgender man or woman is a person who biologically transforms from one gender to another due to hormonal changes and imbalances. It is all about medical transformations. A Gay person whose behavioral patterns resembles a female is as normal as a straight person. Because, those reflect traits of a person and definitely not related to biology.

Androgynous is the term which is used for a person who has traits which portrays the expressive feminine side and the instrumental masculine side. Indeed, an androgynous person is the one who loves to be both genders, male and female, at the same time in every possible way, where as hermaphrodite is a person or animal which consists both the male and female sex organs. So, Androgynous person is all about the sense and Hermaphrodite person is all about sexual identities.

People are getting confused between the Biology and Behavior. The biological needs of a person may reflect changes in behavioral patterns, but the behaviors need not urge the biological changes. One is purely emotional and other is truly science. So, if a person showcases one's masculine and feminine side, being in his own personality without a change, then that person can be considered as Androgynous. People are mistreating and misnaming the androgynous person to a Transgender, just because of the appearances of others.

Androgynous is all about appearance and Transgender is all about gender identity. But, Indian society is way more backward in understanding these simple differences between appearances and identities of person regarding one's sexual orientations.

Androgynous life actually fits to the person who thinks that they cannot fit for another typically masculine or feminine gender role of the society. If their personalities showcase the both sides of a gender coin, then they can be treated as Androgynous and mostly people who are androgynous follow the gender fluid fashion as their dressing sense. Because, now a days, people are judging others and their sexual orientations based on their style statements. Yes, it's more about appearances than identities.

Well, even though they consider, just the appearances, people are still confused between a Transgender and an Androgynous person. In fashion terms, simply, a transgender (trans-man or trans-woman) adapt only one kind of lifestyle and one kind of dressing sense, it may be either male clothing or a female clothing. They never mix and match, two typical gendered clothes.

But, when it comes to an Androgynous person, he/she will love to sport both male and female clothing on a same body without totally getting into one gender's wardrobe. Clearly, even in the appearances, these two terms are different. Then why is so much of confusion in the society?

The fashion statements of a particular person making another person to judge his/her sexual orientation without considering the identities. Fashion is an appearance of a person, but sexual orientations are identities. So, if a person loves to follow androgynous or gender fluid or unisexual fashion clothing, there is no such rule that the person must be a transgender or gay or any other orientation. Do not judge, or mistreat or ill treat any single just by looking at them and valuing their fashion statements.