An artistic travel in Delhi Metro...

Are you an artist or painter or an illustrator? Well, you must explore each and every metro station in Delhi if you are any one of them. The Metro train services of Delhi have artistically collaborated with fine artists in India to transform the look of each and every metro station according to the place and characteristic features of that particular place.

Dhuala Kuan Metro Station

Art can speak millions of words which specify the hidden meaning behind it. And it totally depends on how a person perceives it. Being a fashion artist, I have totally got connected with a few beautiful paintings and extraordinary art forms. The thought of exhibiting art in Metro travel spaces must be appreciated and all the painters who have given their pieces of work to entertain, educate and enlighten the everyday life of people in Delhi.

Pink Line Metro

One can find every form of art in every metro station with respect to the specialty of the place. The Metro travel in Delhi is the finest mode of transportation. The Metros run every single day in the most efficient way by letting thousands of people every single minute. There are many routes segregated in various lines and they were named after colors. My favorite line is Yellow line, which is also most happening one! One can find various kinds of arts in forms of paintings, like Abstract, Contemporary, Oil paintings, Acrylic, Glass painting, water color painting, Ink wash, Fresco, Encaustic painting, Kalamkari, Tempera, Warli painting, Pahad painting, Madhubani painting, Gond paintings, Mughal Paintings, etc. There are many artists in India and there are many types of arts in Painting form.

Delhi Metro has literally unleashed the talent in these upcoming and professional artists. People who travel every day from one place to another place, mostly uses Metro Train services to save their precious time. The way, how Delhi maintains whole metro scenario was astounding and must be applauded. Because, maintaining the standards of Capital City and a Metropolitan was not so easy with hell lot of population roaming here and there from morning to evening.

Through the windows of Airport Express !

One would be thrilled if they know the reason behind portraying the fabulous arts in Metro Stations. Only art has the power to reduce the stress levels of a person and also art plays a prominent role in health, growth with respect to the mental abilities of a person. You may wonder how exhibiting paintings in metro stations can help a person?

A Roof Hanging Art in New Delhi Metro Station