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An artistic travel in Delhi Metro...

Are you an artist or painter or an illustrator? Well, you must explore each and every metro station in Delhi if you are any one of them. The Metro train services of Delhi have artistically collaborated with fine artists in India to transform the look of each and every metro station according to the place and characteristic features of that particular place.

Dhuala Kuan Metro Station

Art can speak millions of words which specify the hidden meaning behind it. And it totally depends on how a person perceives it. Being a fashion artist, I have totally got connected with a few beautiful paintings and extraordinary art forms. The thought of exhibiting art in Metro travel spaces must be appreciated and all the painters who have given their pieces of work to entertain, educate and enlighten the everyday life of people in Delhi.

Pink Line Metro

One can find every form of art in every metro station with respect to the specialty of the place. The Metro travel in Delhi is the finest mode of transportation. The Metros run every single day in the most efficient way by letting thousands of people every single minute. There are many routes segregated in various lines and they were named after colors. My favorite line is Yellow line, which is also most happening one! One can find various kinds of arts in forms of paintings, like Abstract, Contemporary, Oil paintings, Acrylic, Glass painting, water color painting, Ink wash, Fresco, Encaustic painting, Kalamkari, Tempera, Warli painting, Pahad painting, Madhubani painting, Gond paintings, Mughal Paintings, etc. There are many artists in India and there are many types of arts in Painting form.

Delhi Metro has literally unleashed the talent in these upcoming and professional artists. People who travel every day from one place to another place, mostly uses Metro Train services to save their precious time. The way, how Delhi maintains whole metro scenario was astounding and must be applauded. Because, maintaining the standards of Capital City and a Metropolitan was not so easy with hell lot of population roaming here and there from morning to evening.

Through the windows of Airport Express !

One would be thrilled if they know the reason behind portraying the fabulous arts in Metro Stations. Only art has the power to reduce the stress levels of a person and also art plays a prominent role in health, growth with respect to the mental abilities of a person. You may wonder how exhibiting paintings in metro stations can help a person?

A Roof Hanging Art in New Delhi Metro Station

Hypnotic Art at Central Secretariat Metro Station

The Paintings are the only form of arts which can increase the memory of a person. If you see a painting for once, trust me, you hardly forget that soon. Most of the times, you will never forget. The services in metro stations are sort of similar to the concept of the kinds of trains we court, the seating, the train schedules, the crowd, which courts metros daily, the inner infrastructure and construction, etc. The only thing that makes two stations visible different is the interiors. If the interiors are different, it is easy for passengers or travelers to memorize the particular station and particular way. Hence, Paintings have come into the picture to make Delhi people remember the stations. Because, no two stations in Delhi have same interiors and same kind of paintings. Each station got its own flavor of the place to make people understand the concept of a particular place.

A grand Mughal Art at Hauz Khas

For example, Hauz Khas is the cultural place with its ancient architectural locations. To portray the value of that particular place, Delhi Metro has totally designed the Metro station of Hauz Khas with the Mughal Paintings and Gond Paintings with the touch of ancient history. So whenever, a person drops or boards a train at Hauz Khan, he/she can easily remember the paths of exit, entry, transfer, ways to stairs and escalators. Hauz Khas was one of my favorite metro stations because the art that has exhibited at that station was difficult, unique and totally could take a person back to the history.

Fresco Painting which portrays ancient history

Folk Carvings

Pahad Painting

Warli Painting

Gond Painting

Well, this all happens unintentionally because our brain has more power to remember the pictures than words. Hence, arts and paintings play vital role in making people understand and remember the location. They kind of educate and enlighten the person without the need of an another person. And they make feel habituated to the station, so that there won't be any state of confusion in further visits. Paintings has the power of healing and memorizing things that happens around us.

Glass Painting

I have explored most of the stations in Delhi and there were a lot many to explore but couldn't due to time constraints. But, all the stations which I have visited during my stay in Delhi has literally mesmerized me and excited me with the collection of arts. Hence, I thought of clicking few painting pictures and sharing the ideology behind them to the World.

Oil painting

Acrylic Painting

Oil Poster Painting

Tempera Painting

So, whenever you are in Delhi, don't just travel for the sake of reaching from one place to another. The true form of travelling is to explore the place every single inch of it. My way of exploring is all about acquiring the culture and people's mindsets of that particular place. Because, a true traveler not only explore places, but also share the stories of every hidden truth about the location. Appreciate art inside and around you. Because that totally changes the way you see the World and gives you the hope of life. Next time, if you visit any metro station of Delhi, try exploring these beautiful and soulful paintings. They worth your attention for sure!

Abstract Art form of Painting

Ink Wash Painting

One doesn't have to go to serene places to get relaxed in Delhi. The Delhi Metro stations are best to get relieved from stress. Just spend some time standing in front of the paintings and try to understand. There is no need of painting knowledge to understand a painting. Because everyone has their own ability of understanding an art, but at the end of the day, it delivers some meaning which is useful to lead a day in life.

Encaustic Painting

To all the painters who have contributed their work to Delhi Metro Stations to make the travel artistically, here's my small tribute in my words !

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