Am I on the Guy detoxification?

Detoxification, a word which is currently trending in this Millennial era, to get rid of toxic and unhealthy substances for a certain period of time. Nowadays, everyone follows this process very often. Some follow for days and some convert it as a whole life regime. It's progressive that people started observing what's toxic and what not and acting accordingly to lead a healthy lifestyle. Hence, some are cutting the carbs, some are acquiring vegan lifestyle, some are focusing on staying hydrated all the time and some are totally eliminating junk food. These decisions are very hard to take and difficult to practice, but people following these detoxification techniques to maintain a lifestyle without toxic substances, say it food and people too!

Yes, I'm on the guy detox which surely doesn't mean one of the detoxification regimes followed by guys. It means that I'm on the detoxification routine to get rid of guys. This is not something related to the physical body. It's all about emotional and mental detoxification. Yeah, why people have to just focus on their physical stress attributes and toxic food which affects the body when the mind gets screwed up every single day. They say right, mental health always have an effect on the physical health. When you are not happy inside, what the fuck, green tea can do to your body. You won't be glowing even though you stay hydrated all day when you are breaking inside you because of some unwanted people in your life.

Being an openly gay guy, I have been dealing various kinds of guys since my childhood. Like me, there are many people who are literally fed up with guys around them regardless orientations. They may be gays, straight girls and even guys themselves too. Being an effeminate gay guy with a little sensitive feminist trait, I have faced a lot of toxic masculinity in terms of bullying, trolling, bashing, overpowering, hating and indeed loving too. There were days, where I slipped myself into depression because of some depressed male egoistic souls in my life which totally made me mad with their ridiculous gestures and disgusting. They did all of them to escape from my world of love because they always treated me as lust worthy and saw me as just a piece of ass. I was totally fed up and frustrated with handling them anymore. I'm still fed up with some idiotic men without emotions. Hence, I thought of including "the Guy" detoxification regime to my daily routine.

I took a break from all the guys in this whole fucking world. I wasn't ready to get screwed up by another guy, not anytime sooner too. I still feel the same thing after my 14th breakup in my life. Do I really need to entertain guys with the shit they speak, blind theories, they follow, their possessiveness and insecurities? Hell, No! I'm a guy too, but surely not emotionless one like some self tagged worthy men in the society. If you are like me, no matter whether you are a girl or a guy, follow these steps to process the guy detoxification technique to get rid of all the toxic men in your life, which also may includes, your father, your brother, your boyfriend, and also your husband. Just get rid of all the men, emotionally!

  • Stop answering their every single meaningless question. Just walk away and that will irritate them because they do the same with you too when they don't feel like answering your meaningful questions.

  • Focus on yourself and be selfish enough to just restrict to do your works. Only yours.

  • Don't hate the men. Just hate the manhood for a while. Stop having sex with the guys in your life. Be aware of men.

  • Fuck all the body shaming men. Eat whatever you like and roam wherever you want.

  • Instead of going against all their statements. Just keep calm and ignore them. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Teach them a lesson by doing all the stuff that they think you can't. Make the impossible as possible and show them who you are.

  • Kill their male ego by showcasing your feminist traits in every single matter. That may piss them off, but surely they understand what you are up to.

  • Stop thinking about men during the detoxification, because that may throw you to the guilt trip of ignoring some good guys in your life too. Guy detoxification is all about ignoring every single guy known and unknown.

  • See, how life works without men involving in your daily routine. It's difficult though, but you don't need men all the time to help you out. Be brave and courageous enough to do your works on your own when you opt this detoxification.

  • Stop talking to all the guys you know. Be free from all the Adam's apples. It's better shaping up your peaches down there.

  • You won't die if you don't have sex for a few days. Try masturbation. It's healthy too.

  • Start listening to your inner self than the instructions given by the men who involved in your life in any possible role. Get out of the toxic male relationships you are in. It may be with your boss or with your boyfriend or anyone who suppress you for being you.

Like any other physical detoxification, these mental detoxification sessions are also quite difficult. They won't let you be normal. You face mood swings. You face the guilt. You face the unwanted gap between you and your people. You face criticism. You face judgments. You face hatred and sometimes you may be distant to your love too. But trust me, in front of your happiness in being yourself and leading the life you always dream about, all these ridiculous and temporary side effects are nothing. If you want to be happy for a while and explore the real you in this busy era, you must follow some mental detoxification.

Here, I conclude, like me, there are many people, especially gay guys and girls who suffered a lot because of toxic male egoistic behaviors. For all of them, try this "Guy Detoxification" for at least a week to see some terrific results and you surely feel the real you after some period of time. Because, by then you would be habituated dealing your life without these toxic men. Sometimes, you need to take care of yourself from unwanted food and unwanted people too...!!

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