Always has been, always will be....

These two phrases seem cheesy when someone tells you, but if they mean it and you can see the meaning behind these phrases in your loved one's eyes, then you must cherish them! Because the ultimate meaning behind these phrases is being forever, being the same and consistent all the time! Who doesn't want a person in one's life who loves us the way we are without drifting apart from us? Of course, it is rare but it is possible too. It sounds filmy but even films are inspired by real-life tales, not all films are fantasies right. If you treat love as a fantasy, then yes, one day you can fulfill that fantasy when the right person or people step in your life.

These two phrases connect both past and the future of a bond between people to appreciate the present connection with the emotion of love. How romantic and meaningful it is! But yes, you don't have to fall for these words and the people who tell you these phrases every day just for the sake of melting you down. It's all about showing love, not speaking love. A person need not have to use these phrases to show his/her love, just observe his efforts and her actions, you will come to know how deeply you are being loved by someone whom you love the most. Isn't it what you want? In the world of love, we always keep searching for those blooming emotions and refreshing connections so that our love bond must stay the same for a long period and greedily we expect it stays forever. That's not wrong if you have the right person beside you. But sometimes, that particular right person may visible in the wrong way to you and you may also end up thinking that the right person may be wrong for you. But if you think in the right way, you will get to know what's wrong and what's right. It is quite confusing, right? So do love is, confusing. But these roller-coaster emotions bring you the clarity all you need to believe that your right person can never be wrong.

Everything is interconnected in love. If you want to get loved by someone or love someone unconditionally, you need to accept yourself and you must love yourself than anyone else in this world. This is the basic rule of love. Because this makes you understand yourself and the person you are in love with, completely. This helps in forming an unbreakable bond. But, love is complicated by simple factors in it, like the past, present, and future of one's personality. These three can be observed clearly with the changes a person goes through in various aspects like lifestyle, appearance, mindset, finance, emotions, attachments, commitments, career and many more. These changes physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, psychologically can make a person deviate from one kind of personality to another and in some cases, people change drastically differently and that's why people face breakups in their love-life due to these unpredictable changes.

But only a truly loving couple, can manage to face all the hurdles and overcome all the reactions of the changes which take place in their life to stick to each other no matter what. Your lifestyle choices and appearances can change because of your career and financial development. But, if you can maintain your identity the same, like how it has been, then you can appreciate the present and you will always be blessed with a truly loving partner beside you. Love can handle any kinds of development except the personality change. For suppose, imagine yourself falling for a person who is kind, caring and adorable enough. After opting for a few career choices and changing a few lifestyle choices, if your girlfriend becomes sophisticated and posh but completely ignore you and act least bothered about you, how do you feel? Do you feel still connected though your social status as a couple got elevated and your life became a bed of roses? Surely not, because emotional connection is more important than materialistic pleasures. It's the same with your boyfriend who used to be that angry young man with a careless attitude but a sweet personality suddenly transforms into a saint acting ignorant, you surely feel disconnected.

Your partner always expects you to be that same person with whom he/she fell in love with you in the past to remain mostly same in the present and at least a part of your personality remains always the same in the future so that he/she feels connected and loved all the time. So, strive hard to remain the same mostly always and never lose the charm you had in the past because of some additional developments you encounter in the present or expecting an extreme growth in the future. It's hard, but you can always be that person whom your partner loves to tease, play, share things with you, be happy and satisfied, no matter what in every single situation in life. Regardless of all the changes, try to love each other like it always has been and also make sure you always will be loved!

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