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All you need to know about Sandwich Sex !

To start with a simple question; how many slices do you need to prepare a delicious sandwich? At least two or sometimes more than two. The sandwich remains nothing if we don't stuff in between the two slices of bread, isn't it? Two is nothing whereas three make you explore something. So, does threesome. It's completely something unique from the typical couples' sensual act. How many of you dream of fulfilling the erotic fantasies of getting involved in threesome sex engagements? Most of us indeed, and it takes a lot of preparation to get sexually engaged with two partners at a time.

Threesome sex can be committed in various ways with various partners belongs to various genders. Two females and one male, two males and one female, three females, three males, and three gender-fluid partners can become a throuple in bed to have threesome sex. Bisexual threesome sex can be more varied than homosexual threesome sex because of various genitals, various orientations, and various genders.

Bisexuals can happily get along with gays, lesbians, and fellow bisexuals too. A bisexual man can have threesome sex with a straight woman and a gay man, and also with a bisexual woman and bisexual man too. The same scenario applies to a bisexual woman in choosing her homosexual and bisexual partners in bed. This inclusion of various orientations can make threesome sex more intense, exciting, and confusing too.

So, before you get into some sensual action, just be clear with your sexual preferences and sex roles in bed. Because some people may like to give a blow job and some people may don't like getting a rim job and some people may don't like getting penetrated anally. Hence, you must consider your partners and their sexual preferences to have an awesome threesome. Because the sandwich looks and tastes bad if either of the slices or the stuff in between them isn't in a good form. Make sure, everything and everyone is in good form to prepare a sensual sandwich in bed.

Sandwich sex doesn't mean cuddling one above the other or penetrating one of the partners from both sides. The terminology for such threesome sex positions is quite different. People get confused about getting into sandwich sex positions while performing threesome sex. Sandwich sex is all about focusing on one partner among the three which means the other two give and receive sensual pleasures from that particular partner. And the partners who focus on the third one won't get sexually engaged with each other till the position last.

There are two main sandwich sex positions, regardless of the genders and orientations.

Fuck Blow Sandwich: The name suggests the theme behind this threesome sex position. In this, among three partners, one partner is selected as both receiver and giver at the same time. On the receiving end, he/she gets penetrated by one partner whereas, on the giver side, he/she allows another partner to give a blow job. To make it clear, if it is threesome sex between two men and one woman, one of the men act as a mutual giver and receiver. While the woman gives a sensual blow job to the man lying between, simultaneously the other man penetrates him deeply. This is how the fuck-blow sandwich position must be performed. Here the man and woman who focuses on the man lying between, won't share sensual engagement between them during the position. They just act like two slices which share similar jam in between them.

In this, the man who lies between a man and woman must be a bottom or versatile, whereas the man who penetrates can be a bisexual top or a gay top and the woman remains to be bisexual. Or simply they can be three gay men with bottom, versatile, and top sexual roles. There can be many combinations which depend on sexual preferences and roles.

Rim blow sandwich: Unlike the above position, this is a complete oral threesome sex position where all the work is with the tongues. As mentioned earlier, sandwich sex positions are all about providing sensual pleasure to one partner by the other two partners. In this sex position, one partner is considered as a mutual receiver and giver. He/she receives a rim job from one partner who digs his tongue deep in the warm butt hole and at the same time allows the other partner to deliver a sensual blowjob. If it is threesome sex between two women and one man, the man can act as a mutual partner where he allows one woman to give him a blow job whereas he can give his widespread ass to receive a rim job. There can be many combinations for this position too, according to the sexual preferences, roles, desires, and fantasies.

If it is a threesome between three gay men, then a versatile can receive a rim job from a gay top and allows a gay bottom to give me a deep throat blow job. It's intense and confusing, but if you have a proper clarity of what you want, then you can attain the sensual pleasure out of these sandwich sex positions.

Don't be greedy, and don't be that sticky sausage between the buns, try to shift roles, come out of your limits, try new things and make some erotic adventures to have an intense threesome sandwich sex.

Be clear about the angles and position to not to mess up with each other during the session. While performing the "Fuck blow sandwich" sex position, try to make the mutual partner lie on the bed or couch so that it would be easier to penetrate and perform a blowjob. In the "Rim blow sandwich" sex position, it is always recommended to make the mutual partner stand in between the other two partners so that they won't mess up with each other with the genitals they share orally.

Instead of being like a statue, the mutual partner should keep arousing his/her other two partners by using the hands in nipple stimulation and body play. That will make sex even more intense. Most importantly, always play safe and use condoms for flavored oral sex and also for the lubrication to experience smoother penetrations!

Are you planning to munch a sandwich or else to try to become a part of the sandwich, sensually?

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