All you need is an "Aromantic relationship"!

The words may confuse and make you misunderstand the whole concept because there is a huge difference between a romantic relationship and an aromantic relationship. So, we all know what is being in a romantic relationship, that falling in love with others and exploring the concept of love which ultimately ends up with two people making love. This is a very small brief about having the aspect of romance in one's life. The absence of this very aspect gives the whole meaning of being in an aromantic relationship.

Now, you may raise a question that how two people can be considered as being a relationship when there is no aspect of romance between them. This question might be valid if it was asked in past centuries, but the very question can be treated as ridiculous now. Because, there are people who have zero feelings about romantic relationships and yes, they do exist. It's just we hardly consider them as humans and most of the time feel silly about it. And, those people are "Asexual".

Being considered as one of the gender minorities, 'asexual' is also one of the sexual orientations existing as part of the Queer. These people are mostly treated as strange and the orientation is calculated as an abnormality. This is why thousands of people forcing themselves into romantic relationships and are quite unhappy and dissatisfied throughout life.

Asexuality is all about having no sexual feelings or desires towards others. Hence, it is to be noticed that the people who are asexual can never have a romantic relationship. So, next time, if someone says that he/she is asexual, don't ask questions that disgust them. Understand the inner meaning of the orientation and never come with questions that tag the aspect of romance in them.

It is very hard to understand by many people in society because we all grew up with a restricted concept of birth-education-career-wedding-offspring-death. The involvement of romance is a must in this concept, no matter whether the person likes it or not. Hence, it is difficult for most of the Indians to understand this part of the queer community. This is one of the reasons that most of the asexuals, feel uncomfortable in opening up to society because they can never be understood by the people who always immerse themselves in sex and romance.

This is not strange at all. At some point in life, every one of us feels not to get into romance or sex for a while. We take breaks and vacations just to spend with ourselves and have some me-time. Exactly, the same with asexuals too, but they do this for the whole life and this is perfectly normal.

There is no rule that asexuals can never get into relationships. They are humans too, and they need a person to take care of them or a person to love except making love. Asexuals can get into relationships too without the aspect of romance in them. There shouldn't be any expectations of bodily or sexual pleasures in that relationship. And, hence they always get into aromantic relationships.

This may sound weird to many people out there, but aromantic relationships, too happen with the involvement of love. Who said, love, can be only fulfilled by getting inside of each other physically? Indeed, aromantic relationships are all about getting inside of each other emotionally. These relationships are also the same as romantic relationships minus sex constraints. Simple!