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All about the Underwear fetishism!

Another most familiar form of fetishes among humankind in their sensual lives is all about the undergarments, especially the ones that are worn to cover the genitalia. Underwear plays a prominent role in a person's life though no one can see it if a person is fully-clothed. But the sense of sensuality always lies in mystery. Underwear practices are mysterious, sexy, and useful to keep guard of one's genitals. Most people love wearing different kinds of undies and flaunt their drooling worthy bodies as a practice of enticing! Investing in Calvin Klein undies is not at all the Underwear fetishism!

Fetishes are kinky pleasures which sometimes sound weird, but mostly sensual. You can recognize this particular fetishism mostly in men, heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. Regardless of the orientations, most men love this underwear fetishism. Most women and Gay men, love investing in various kinds of undies like briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps, G-strings, c-strings, and many more. Do you believe that walking in sexy underwear is more sensual than walking naked? In women, underwear reveals the smoothness and grace in the shape of the body, and in men, undies reveal the erotic factor of butt cheeks and boner bulge. Aren't you already feeling a little horny now? That's the power of underwear!

As mentioned earlier, it's not about wearing various types of underwear, indeed it's all about already used undies. Calm down, there's more to it. Some people find it exotic, erotic, sensual, and sexy through smelling and wearing undies of someone else without washing. Do you know some people spend money on buying undies that are used by models, porn stars, strippers, and escorts? This fetish is not only about the sense of wearing underwear, it's mostly about the sense of smelling used underwear.

The raw smell of sweat, pee drops, the naked touch of genitalia is the factor that entices people who have an underwear fetish! Some people like smelling their undies and they don't wash for days to enjoy that raw pungent smell and whereas some people who are crazy about escorts and strippers buy their used underwear to store in their closets to smell whenever they want. Believe it or not; this shit exists and hence it is one of the kinky fetishes.

Not everyone person who has underwear fetishism can afford the undies of porn stars, hence most of them fulfill their sexual fetishes with their partners. Some men always like to see their women in undies roaming around them all time privately, and these men don't allow their wives to wash their undies for days and they like smelling them. Some crazy underwear fetish freaks, wear their wives lacy underwear to feel the sensuality. Yes, heterosexual men also act crazy when it comes to fetishes.

Gay underwear fetishism plays a prominent role in the adult industry, lingerie brands, and sexy underwear commercials. Most of the gays like checking out men in undies, to fulfill their visual and nasal sexual fantasies. If you are gay, who has a fetish for underwear when a hot muscular man walks on the beach with his bulged penis and bubble butts, you go madly crazy about him for sure, isn't it true? Because fetishes are hard to restrict and the first ones, a person, focuses on his partner in bed!

Men who have a fetish for undies, act a bit different in bed. These men are capable of having sex with their undies on and also don't allow their partners to remove underwear? Are you wondering how it's possible? Jockstraps allow a person to have a visual treat of bare butts with no coverage on butt holes and some zipped undies allow a man's penis to come out of its closed world without removing the whole underwear. Hence, that's how gay men who have fetishes for underwear, participate in sex. Jockstraps and Cock-strings, play sex symbol clothing for gay men.

Some gay men like smelling their partners' used undies and some gay couples practice wearing each other's undergarments as part of their sensual love and also fulfilling their sexual gay underwear fetish. Lesbians likewise follow this underwear fetish with their partners. The availability of sensual lingerie and sexy undies is much more in female clothing when compared to men. And there exist some women who are crazy about their men or their women partners' undies!

You may feel weird if you get to know these fetish facts now, but there's nothing much more annoying about this. This is a sensual behavior that some people follow to get active erotically and have intense sexual strength. Fetishes help a person to explore the sensual paths and to remain active sexually, but at the same one must consider the hygiene factors to maintain good health while practicing fetishes.

So, if you think about wearing your partner's underwear for many days, then you may experience some infections and skin allergies. There's a limit to every sexual fantasy and sensual fetishes, try not to cross those limitations!

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