All about switching positions and partners!

You don't have to imagine it the other way because it is indeed directed towards Sex. Yes, it is all about having intercourse with more than one person at the same time. You may call it a threesome, foursome, or an orgy but you need to perceive a few substantial things while having sex with multiple partners in the same room.

Selecting more than one person to have sex is not at all a wrong thing and you don't have to consider yourself desperate. It could be out of your absolute sensual choice and if you feel comfortable physically, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically, then you can go ahead and share your bed with how many people you want depending on the other's consensual commitment.

Initially, the sensual aura can make you feel awkwardly different but if you slowly make yourself comfortable first, then the sexual tension around gets calm down. And that happens only when you and your sex partners talk it out openly about your likes, dislikes, preferences, tastes, sex roles, sex behaviors, and needless to say, your medical conditions regarding your physical health and sexual health too.

If you are gay and like to explore your sensuality with multiple partners at the same time, you need to be clear enough regarding the role you are going to play in bed. To clear the confusion, you guys need to know who is going to perform what and whose preference lies in which part of the body. Come out clean and open up regarding your desires and fetishes, because sex with multiple partners is indeed a fantasy.

Switching positions is not about switching the typical sex positions. It's all about knowing when to take up the active role and when to become a passive person in bed. When more than two are involved in the sex game, things become little here and there, especially during the penetration. While having foreplay, all the partners can embrace their sensuality through kissing, rim-jobs, blowjobs, nipple play, and body play.