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Afternoon Delight... - NSFW 

What gives the utmost pleasure on this earth for you? I know everyone has various answers to that particular question. For some, its money, name and fame and for some, its food, travel and sex. Generally, the word "afternoon delight" refers to food. Those lavish lunches in sophisticated restaurants with all the continental recipes on a table are referred to the term called "Afternoon Delights". They are called because of the pleasure given by food at the lunch times.

What would be your opinion, if I say, "Sex is also like Food?" You know why, because, both food and sex are basic necessities to a human. They are like the daily needs of a person to have a balanced life. Well, if the food gives the pleasure, why can't sex? In fact, for most of the people on earth, Sex is the one which gives utmost pleasure. Are you wondering why am I saying all this? Well, Afternoon Delight is a name of the sex positions in sex life of any person regardless orientation. As we are Queer, I want to present you the gay version of afternoon delight.

This position is named after the immense pleasureful pain a person feel while appreciating it. Afternoon delight is simply an aerial missionary position. I guess most of you know what is classic missionary position right. Exactly, this position is also resembles to it, but in a different and intense way.

Afternoon Delight sex position is an anal intercourse position. It means, this position is all about penetrating into one another. One can practice this sex position while having threesome sex too, this is quite flexible for three way fun. And as I said earlier, this is one kind of aerial sex position to where the bottom guy's body won't be in touch with the ground. He would be supported to a wall or couch or a brink.

This anal sex position can be enjoyed in a way where the top guy penetrates his hard penis into the butt hole of the bottom guy by spreading his legs wide apart and inserting continuously from the frontal position. In this position, the bottom guy can take a support of wall by wrapping his hands on top guy's neck or else supporting to the wall and flexibly stretching his legs to let his partner inside of him.

When it comes to threesome sex, experiencing this sex position is totally intense and pleasureful too. In this kind of sex, the top guy penetrates and the bottom guy get penetrated but not with the support of a wall or anything. The third guy in threesome, should hold the bottom guy with his hands against him and towards the top guy, so that it would be feasible to top guy to get inside of the bottom guy.

Generally this position is mostly opted in the climax of the session, because some opt classic missionary to climax and some opt Afternoon delight to have some exciting climax. This position is good to opt while having threesome sex, because the third guy who holds the bottom guy can use his lips to smooch the bottom guy as his face would be nearer to bottom guy. If that third guy has the stamina to hold the bottom guy with his one hand, he can use his other hand to help bottom guy to climax in two ways. One way he would be getting penetrated by top guy and the second way he would climax with the help of third guy's touch.

One can practice this sex position in various ways to come out at the end.

One should be careful while practicing this position, especially the bottom guys because they are the one who has to take good support, be it a wall or human. And the bottom guys generally feel pain during sex, hence, stretching legs wide apart in a feasible way with a good lubrication helps to reduce the pain a little bit. But what's so fun having sex without pain right. So, be careful while playing hard. Because this sex position can make guys wild because of the intensity of climaxing the session.

At the same time, the top guys also follow few measures during this position because there are quite a few chances of slipping of your tool out from the target. It happens when you don't set yourself and your partner in a good frontal angle. Make love in an intense way by handling your partner in a good way, because if you slip him out, the session will be messed up. To take it to another level, try kissing more often. This will increase the zeal to get into each other.

Afternoon Delight is really a delightful sex position out of all other sex positions. Because of its intense pleasure this position literally getting treated as sexual food for those hungry boys in bed. So, what are you waiting for guys? Try this simple yet fierce position this weekend to have some sexual adventures in bed with your partners. And if you are more adventurous and flexible, try this position by adding another man with you because sharing is caring right.

Meet you next Saturday with a new and edgy sex education blog. As I always say, Stay Safe and Play Hard.

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