A Village in a Metropolitan!

When you go through about few names of places in Delhi, you will find the word called "Village" tagged beside them. People normally wonder, what villages have to do with Metropolitan cities? But most of them has forgotten the fact that Villages are the ones which act as Foundations to these Metropolitan cities. The culture might be diluted but the traditions, customs, people and their preferences, their style and mannerisms, many haven't changed in the Villages. Urbanization has taken place, but people didn't loose the flavor of nativity in the Villages. One will find many Villages in Delhi. They set examples of Old Delhi culture.

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You will be proved wrong if you think these villages are outdated. They are too Modernized to get anything you want to lead a happy, facilitated, furnished and completely healthy life. And only these Villages can totally spread charming native vibes through their narrow gullies, passages, people in and around them. They act as pillars to the historical culture of India. If you see, Hauz Khas village in Delhi, you would be surprised for sure. Because, that particular village gives a person, a total outlook of a place with history, culture, architecture, customs of people. And that place is one of the poshest regions in Delhi, where youngsters hang around for drinks and socializing. Simply, Hauz Khas Village is the blend of both Millennial and Historic eras.