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A Village in a Metropolitan!

When you go through about few names of places in Delhi, you will find the word called "Village" tagged beside them. People normally wonder, what villages have to do with Metropolitan cities? But most of them has forgotten the fact that Villages are the ones which act as Foundations to these Metropolitan cities. The culture might be diluted but the traditions, customs, people and their preferences, their style and mannerisms, many haven't changed in the Villages. Urbanization has taken place, but people didn't loose the flavor of nativity in the Villages. One will find many Villages in Delhi. They set examples of Old Delhi culture.

Welcome !

You will be proved wrong if you think these villages are outdated. They are too Modernized to get anything you want to lead a happy, facilitated, furnished and completely healthy life. And only these Villages can totally spread charming native vibes through their narrow gullies, passages, people in and around them. They act as pillars to the historical culture of India. If you see, Hauz Khas village in Delhi, you would be surprised for sure. Because, that particular village gives a person, a total outlook of a place with history, culture, architecture, customs of people. And that place is one of the poshest regions in Delhi, where youngsters hang around for drinks and socializing. Simply, Hauz Khas Village is the blend of both Millennial and Historic eras.

Ancient Architectural Home!

South Delhi is mostly considered as one of the Most happening places which matches current scenario. Elite, Elegant and Sophisticated- the three words to describe this particular part of Delhi. And there is this Village named Said-Ul-Ajab is in Saket, which is the best place in South Delhi. You will find the coolest crowd over there and survey also states that South Delhi is the safest place for girls in Delhi. Nightlife in Saket, is inexplicable. Said-Ul-Ajaib, the name itself suggests that it named after Islamic religion and one may also think that it is totally prone to Muslims. But, trust me, I have witnessed and stayed in this Village, to get those Delhi Gully feels. There is no such thing called, this village is of Muslim dominated one. Indeed, you find foreigners and people outside Delhi stays over there in a safe and secure manner.

My Initial stay in Delhi

During my stay in Said-Ul-Ajab, I found many interesting aspects of the place and people who were residing over there. If you want to find this place, get down at the Saket metro station and exit through Gate No 2. You will find a place which is crowded and happening with food, street shopping and the metro scene. You will also find a Foot over bridge and you can court autos from there to the nearest places in Saket like Select city walk, Pvr Anupam etc.

Foot Over Bridge!

There are many passages to explore this busy village and the best way I found was the passage in between Agarwal sweets and Fizza Juice center. Taking the names of food stalls is the best way to tell people about the landmarks of Said-Ul-Ajab village. The narrow passages are kind of rocky, and muddy at times, but that is what the beauty of Gullies. One can find, Electronic shops, food stalls, many grocery stores, Fruit market, Live fish market, too many Chemists, 24/7 food centers, street shopping stores, Apparels, accessories, footwear, necessities, many small scale businesses and most importantly Paying Guest Accommodations for people who are outsiders and travelers.

Can you find the little gap between the sweet shop and juice center ?

Like branches of trees, there are many sub passages for a main passage which extends around 6 km. One can only explore it through walking because after some extent, auto rickshaws won't enter the narrowest passages. And don't even think about riding in cars over there. The market scene starts in the morning after 8 and ends till 1 in the night. Food is available 24/7. If you ever feel like having food in the deep midnight, you can find delicious and yummy Bengali fast food center. It opens from night to morning. Such a relief for me back then while I was staying here.

To explore the whole place in peace, one has to step out in the midnight and be a night owl. Because most of the people would be in deep sleep and you can only find a cool crowd hanging around in the night, like travelers, people who come from the office after their night shifts, various people who stays in near PG accommodations and the stoners. It is the safe place because I used to roam in the midnight and I never got mugged, or raped. But you can't stop the judgmental stares though. When I used to decked up like a diva and step outside, people used to face me like Sunflowers facing the Sun. There was no harm done. It's just, they are still getting habituated for the habitat of staying with foreigners and travelers from different parts of India.

There are many PG accommodations in Saidulajab

When it comes to food, one must try Sugar cane Juice, Chhole Bature, Parantha stalls, Bengali food, South Indian food, Golgappa, etc. Each and every single item is available in these narrowest passages. One can find fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, groceries, medicines, worship items, fashion and electronics, etc. Life seem easy here except passing by many people in those passages. In three days of my stay, I felt the place was appealing, fascinating, adventurous, experimental, delightful, inviting and charming too. Life in big societies and buildings is way more different than life in these passages. Coziness is the beauty of these kind of places!

Fast Food ..!!

Spots I loved the most in Said-Ul-Ajab Village:

Sugarcane Juice stalls near Indian Overseas Bank ATM.

Fruit Market near Bhagat Singh Park.

Bengali Food Center

Punjabi Parantha store

Radha Krishna Mandir near 2nd sub passage

An ancient Vedic cultured home.

In fact, all the fast food stalls are worth trying at least once.

Its all about the Scene of a Village in a Metropolitan( person and place)

Love the Chhole Bature...!!

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