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A "NO" from "One" is enough...

Well, this No is not about the consent and the opinion of a person regarding something which is forced or unforced. This "No" is all about the baggage which is going to be heavy in one's love life because of its consequences. This "No" is not a literal no as in reply to any question. This "No" is an expression or behavior of a person to either get rid of others/to leave someone else all of a sudden/a mutual decision. Specifically, this "No" is an expression of boundaries/limits of Love between two people.

This is a breakup "No". To get into a relationship, one must require a partner. To get committed to each other, two persons involvement is more important than anything else. To live with the word called Love, two persons must need consent to stay with each other. That's what how the couple can be defined as. Two people in one relationship with utmost Love. For Love, the connection between two persons plays a vital role. But for the breakup, a thought of breaking up the relationship with one of those two persons is more than enough to crush the connection into the deepest core of earth.

That's the beauty of breakup. Too flexible to end a relationship in the most insane way. A single thought from a single person is enough to bid a bye to the companionship which has built for years. In a romanticizing form of Love, the mode of break ups is serious and silly at the same time. The validation of each others opinions suddenly becomes limited for either of the two. The decision making is restricted to one person. The implementation of the breakup process also bounded to one person's thought process. Where all the equality, respect, emotions and acceptance suddenly vanishes soon after the breakup word comes into the picture?

Why all of a sudden, a loving couple acts as strangers to each other in every single aspect soon after they think that they should go apart from each other? Why they express the word "No" without even saying it to each other directly? Because, for love, involvement of two persons is required, but for the breakup, one person's stupidity says everything about the relationship to the whole world.

Breakups actually make people insensitive, arrogant, disrespectful, impatient and ignorant of each other, because by then they actually lose the flavor of love, togetherness and their emotional bond. It takes many months and sometimes years to build the trust into one another which leads to a beautiful relationship, but it's still a mystery that why it takes span of seconds to break the trust. In some cases, the reasons are visible with proofs like cheating on each other or losing the flavor of love on one another, but some cases are too insane like miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Why can't people just give some time and space to each other to know the real facts before throwing the relationship into the thorns? Is is that difficult to just take a deep breath and give yourself and your partner, a chance to stay in each other's life than going away from each other? We see many breakups happen everyday in our life. That's getting quite common in current scenario. For some Love is just a game, but for some Love is an endless ocean to acknowledge each wave. But these kind of intense people, is also getting broken easily. In fact, the person who can take pain will face lot of painful experiences. Breakups are included.

But, that's up to someone's perception how to take a breakup. If they want to stay in their partner's life, no matter what, they will stay for sure regardless hardships arise in the relationship. A simple "No" cannot do anything to such relationships. But nowadays, that's not happening. Unfortunately, we are blessed with hell lot of options to move on in life. Hence, a "No" from one is getting enough to break a relationship. Though the other person tries his/her ass off to get back with their partners, that's not quite happening because, the other person, mostly don't give a damn about the word called "Love".

But the people who love their partners unconditionally are the ones, who is getting heart broken because of the expression of "No". That means the other person may either reject or leave the person out of disinterest. Breakups make people hypocrites. All the statements which passes by a person who loves his/her partner sound differently opposite when he/she end the relationship. May be that's what breakups are all about. Everything gets limited, restricted, restrained and minimized to the thoughts of one person in a relationship where the other person has to just react to the deeds of his/her partner no matter what.

So, yeah, keep this in mind, for Love, your opinions may matter the most but for the breakup, your opinions surely overlooked and mostly ignored. It totally depends on how one reacts to such situations which makes one and one's thoughts, useless to get back to one's partner after the breakup. A "No" from One is enough. Have you been that "One" who expressed "No" ever in a relationship? OR Are you the one who has experience the behavior of "No" from any "One" in your life?

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