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A few dirty phrases, gay bottoms must use to entice their partners!

Dirty talks aren't bad, indeed they are one of the essential mediums of communication between two romantic partners during their intimate intercourse sessions. It's important too. Like how it is important to inspire others to feel motivated before committing an act or an endeavor, sex talk is also important to entice and seduce one's partners before, during, and after the sex. Do you know that dirty phrases have the power of making a person feel horny within no time and regardless of situations and surroundings? They indeed make a person feel weak in knees without getting into any sensual act. That is the reason why sexting and phone sex can make a person feel intimacy without even experiencing a touch from the other person.

Dirty phrases are of many types. Though they are all about talking, describing, mentioning, elaborating, and enlightening the sensuality of a person's body or sexual fantasy or a fetish or any kind of situation, they are different for different people, situations, and even sexual roles. If you are a gay couple, a person who gets penetrated possibly known as Gay bottom can't be projected as superior in inserting a penis, because that's completely against his sexual role. Dirty phrases can influence your partner, only when you use them correctly which befits your partner's personality, sexuality, sexual roles, and preferences.

Always remember, do not throw those sensual phrases just for the sake of sex. Keep your relation, attachments, and engagements in your mind before spilling your words. Most importantly, if you are talking dirty, be comfortable, and confident enough. And on top of that, mean every single phrase you use on your partner to entice him through your sex talk. So, if you are a gay bottom, you must use a few dirty phrases to seduce, to control, to engage your partner.

Everyone likes compliments, including your top partner too. Just because you are getting fucked, it doesn't mean you should act pricey. Stop being a bitch, and appreciate your partner and his features, mostly his genital features. Yes, praising your top's cock will make him feel good and encourage him to give you the sensual pleasure you are looking for. It's like a little boost up for his manhood to perform well in bed. (wink wink)

  • Simply say.

  • I love your dick.

  • I miss your cock.

  • Woah, it's huge!

  • That's a thick one to fill me up completely.

  • Your head is exotically powerful. (If your partner is circumcised)

  • I want to feel that extra skin of yours with my tongue. (If your partner is uncircumcised)

  • I like the way how you maintain your cock and balls.

  • I want to feel the cushion bush of yours. ( Mentioning pubes)

Next comes the foreplay phrases, where you need to charge your partner to his extreme level to make him hard enough to get controlled by your tongue through blow job. Use dirty phrases as one of the tactics to make your partner feel horny enough and urge him to wait no more for, giving himself to you. While giving him a blow job, look into his eyes to make eye contact and communicate through them. When you get a gap to breathe or to shift another oral sex position, use these dirty phrases.

  • I want to feel your cock in my mouth.

  • I can't wait to taste the pre-cum of yours.

  • I'm going to drain your balls.

  • I want you to make me the best employee for the job of blowing you.

  • I feel so horny and helpless when you dominate me.

  • Look into my eyes and make me wet.

  • I want to taste your cum. (When he's about to climax)

  • I want your cum.

  • You're not leaving here until I have your man milk in my mouth.

Oh, aren't they something? Have they made you feel connected? If you are not comfortable using the words of genitals, sex procedures, sex positions, sexual fantasies, and fetishes, then you can't come up with dirty phrases. Consider them as sex talk etiquettes. Be shameless and be selfish. If you want to have an erotic pleasure, act as an erotic person. You can't act like a first bench student to feel the immense sensual pleasure from your partner. You need to be sassy, sultry, and sexy enough, even with your words.

Instead of moaning or screaming out loud, when your partner penetrates you, inspire him to get inside of you better, and encourage him to be good enough to use his moves. These actions come into the picture, only when you boost him up with your dirty phrases during genital intercourse.

  • Are you a pro in this sex position, because I want to be permanently fixed in this position?

  • Can we have sex in this position forever, for the rest of our lives? (When you like a particular position and when he's too good at it)

  • I never thought I would meet someone good at his superficial moves?

  • I don't want you to be gentle.

  • I don't want to walk tomorrow, fuck me harder.

  • Deeper! (Don't just say, put it in action, grab his butt and pull into yourself.)

  • Fuck my ass. Pound it harder.

  • Don't stop.

  • Fill me up.

  • Fuck me as you mean it!

  • I love it when you fuck me like a slut.

  • I need to feel you inside my warm hole.

  • I just want to wrap my butt cheeks around your cock.

  • Make me breathless.

  • Spank me.

  • Hold the grip in my hair and slap me.

  • Cum for me.

  • Nobody has ever fucked me as you do. (use this to that person whom you genuinely felt the best.)

A few dirty phrases must be used according to your partner's performance. If he ejaculates quickly and you tell him that he was fucking great, then it portrays as if you are making fun of him. So, don't do that. Never compare with others while having sex. Because that's wrong and demotivates a person's self-esteem. Sex isn't a competition. Make him feel connected with your phrases. Talk like a slut and that's how one should behave in bed. Don't feel shy about it.

Don't go away. There are a few more phrases, you must use on your top partner after having an intense intimate session. It makes him feel that you are embracing and appreciating the experience.

  • My legs are becoming weak whenever I'm thinking about last night.

  • It was so good and filling.

  • Still feeling sore after last night.

  • I hope it becomes wilder next time.

  • I can't wait to feel that thing again.

  • One of the best experiences I have ever had. (Be sure that you are using this on your flings, not on your boyfriends)

  • I can still taste you! (say it with full of love, especially to your partner.)

Maintain the same graph before, during, and after the sex sessions in the usage of your sex talks and dirty phrases. Don't fluctuate from being dirty only in bed. Be dirty all the time with your partner, this makes you both explore the sensual world better.

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