A few budget-friendly ways to spend your V-day with your partner!

How are your preparations goings for Valentine's Day celebrations? Are you struggling hard enough to give your partner the best time he or she deserves? Are you being stuck at a point where your partner expects much but you are a little financially restricted and still want to celebrate the day? Or are you the person who doesn't like spending so much on Valentine's Day because you feel it is cliche but still need to get along with the day for your partner? Well, whatever the situation is and whoever the person you are, there are always a few ways for you to celebrate a particular day or particular moment in a low-key manner and can still make a mark and cherish those moments with your partner forever. Here are a few budget-friendly ways to celebrate Valentine's Day without spending too much money.

Living rooms are the best budget-friendly spaces. You don't even have to make reservations or wait in a queue for a table or even step out of the house. All you need to do is to make your living room a cozy, comfortable, and romantic venue to plan your V-day date! Organize a mattress, some nice sheets (preferably red to mark the occasion), five to six cushion pillows, a few soft toys, string lights, or fairy lights to give a tint of warmness, try to arrange your favorite flowers (red roses are best for V-day), spray some nice fragrance around, light up a few scented candles, turn on your music box, play some nice romantic tracks, pour your drinks in flute glasses (if not just have pint beers) and have some conversations. Speak your vulnerable heart out. Never prepare food and make this arrangement together. You will mess it up for sure. So, just order the food, place it on your plates and enjoy your dine and wine! Though you make your presence at home, try getting dressed up as if you are going to step out for the night!

Kitchens are another playful spot in your home abodes to celebrate your V-day! Yes, but unlike the regularity, you and your partner must involve in preparing the special Valentine's Day dinner. Though one of you doesn't know how to cook, it's always going to be fun and romantic if a couple cooks dinner together. Be experimental and try cooking various continental dishes. It's okay if you burn your food, but do cook together. This robust process of chopping, washing, cooking, and preparing dinner make two people get closer and gives them a chance to have tons of conversations. Ultimately, when you place your cooked food on your dining table, you surely would realize how you both have enjoyed the whole process. Try it, and you won't regret spending your time at home with your partner!

If you aren't a fan of cooking or dinner dates, and if you are celebrating your first Valentine's Day together but you don't want to make it official by going out, you always have your washrooms or shower rooms to make the day utmost exotic and erotic. Bathroom spaces never disappoint you and elevate your sensual moods to celebrate the day most engagingly. All you need to do is to make sure, your washroom is appealing to the core to spend most of the night. Don't worry about space, when you are with your partner, you barely recognize the space around you. Decorate it with aroma oils, scented block candles(not tea lights), aromatic fumes, light music, flower petals, exotic bath scrubs, washes, and bath balls, some fresh towels (even though you end up naked). But, before celebrating your V-day night in your shower room, give each other some exotic massages by listening to your favorite music to feel each other's touch and for body play fun! What's better than, beginning and ending the V-day with sex!

If you are tired of your home abodes and want to go somewhere but you remain kind of broke, then you can plan a small getaway to the places nearby. Plan a picnic and go somewhere like a beach, or a mountain or a waterfall. There must be someplace near you which makes you feel connected with nature. Select the spot and don't travel more than 70 km. Just fuel up your vehicle, pack some home-made sandwiches, some wine (to enjoy the date, not to get sloshed), wear comfy clothes so that you can go for spontaneous hiking or walking, carry books if you want to spend some me-time in the presence of your partner to appreciate both self-love and intimate love.

If your partner is a foodie and if you think you can reach his or her heart through the stomach, then plan for a cozy date to a very underrated restaurant. You don't have to book a table at a high-end restaurant to celebrate V-day. You can explore some local places and take your partner to every single place and let him or her taste various kinds of food at numerous places. This may sound kiddish, but yeah sometimes love is innocently childish too! Why ending up at one place where everyone rushes like crazy when you can make your partner taste different items at various places in one single day that too by not spending too much on so-called exclusive and expensive dishes.