A Day to a Month...!

It's June and it's the time where all the Queer people around the world come together to celebrate their sexual orientations and be proud of what they are and the way they live. This month, the LGBT community of the whole world in various countries, get united to march in every city by spreading all the colorful rainbow vibes in each and every street. Queer people from every house, mostly try to give their part to participate in these Pride Marches every June to make the world a better place with the colorful rainbow on earth.

But, previously in the 70's it was just a day. The Pride month now, was a Pride day back then in 1970 when the first Pride March has happened in New York for the first time after fighting for LGBT rights for six months, post the Stonewall riots which have happened in 1969. We must show our gratitude to all those people who has striven hard for the basic rights of the LGBT community. The people used to be very harsh, rude and sort of abolishing all the LGBT community people and got treated as gender minorities. Most of them, viewed that being a Homosexual is a disease which cannot be cured and it was also used to be treated as the biggest religious mistake. To get rid of all those gender blues, two organizations have formed in New York city after the historic Stonewall riots happened against police in Manhattan, New York city. After too many struggles and hurdles, these organizations have collaborated with the Newspapers to spread the news about the normality of the LGBT community. Hence, in 1970, first pride marches have got conducted in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Later on, that one day has become one full month to celebrate Queer personalities and sexual orientations of LGBTQ community all over the world. Because, a single day is not sufficient enough to explain about the queerness of the LGBT community. To let the world know the power of Queer community, many organizations throughout the world has initiated conducting Pride marches in the month of June and not just on the Last Sunday of June like before. Traditionally, the month of June has been seen as Pride Month all over the world and the people from various sexual orientations participate to support each other by wearing various kinds of outfits and by holding with heart touching yet savage messages to educate and enlighten the people. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Assexuals, Pansexuals, Drag Queens, Effeminate men, Gay tops, Gay bottoms, Butch women, Fem women, Transmen, Transwomen, and also straight people who support LGBTQ community also participate in these Pride March to spread the positive vibes in the society.

Well, this year is 2019 and the Stonewall riots has taken place in the year 1969. So, it's exactly 50 years, since the day where many people fought for themselves and for the upcoming future for the wellness of the LGBT community in the whole world. To mark the incident, this year is all about celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City. Fifty years, is not a small thing and it definitely deserves the grand celebration of this milestone event in this milestone year. So, the World LGBT community, have planned something bigger this year in June. It's a Pride Month every year, but this year, it's something more than that.

It is going to be the first World Pride and a Global LGBT event on a bigger scale, which is going to be held in June, 2019. This time the organizers are planning a huge way and literally expecting millions of people to participate in NYC Pride March in June. And it is also going to be the World Pride too. And like every June in every year, this June, 2019 got ready to unite all the queer people in different continents, countries, states, cities and streets together to upgrade the level of the LGBT community in the current scenario.