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8 affordable ways to mark self-love this pride month!

Appreciating one's queer existence in this society is a true form of self-love that indeed make a person feel stronger, accepted and loved by others around. Pride Month celebrations must make every person feel prouder to the core and you don't need others to do that because you can easily pull it off by yourself without spending a lot of money to embrace your queer personality! All you need to do is to add a few aspects to your queer lifestyle this June!

  • Purchase a queer-oriented book or a novel that inspires your queer existence. There are many diversified LGBT authors out there who published various kinds of books that spills different types of queer stories. Investing in a book is always the best investment and they elevate your self-esteem which inturns escalate your self-love. Also by buying, you can contribute your financial and communal support to the authors from the queer community. So, visit a book store and surf all the queer tales. Don't forget to read at least one this month!

  • The entertainment industry is constantly releasing the world's best queer tales in the form of movies, television series and OTT seasons. Subscribe to one of such digital platforms and keep binge-watching throughout the month to appreciate various queer artists' work and fall in love with romantical, cultural, historical and even tragic incidents that are portrayed in all those stories. This way, you surely don't get bored at all even if you are alone this Pride Month.

  • Speaking of being alone, have you ever attended a party and spent some solo time? Well, this Pride month, you must give it a try as it feels adventurous and one can socialise with other solo visitors. During this pride season, you can find clubs organizing various kinds of queer parties be it typical clubbing or else soothing karaoke nights, you feel refreshed if you do it alone. You won't feel lonely at all even though you are alone because it's the season of colours. Fortunately, colours never make you feel alone! Attend a queer party where some part of the money goes to the queer artist who performs.

  • Collecting rainbow merchandise sounds like a cliche but you must buy at least one product from the authentic queer oriented brands so that it feels good to have a typical queer product at your abode or in your closet. It's all about pampering yourself to decorate your queer soul. And nowadays you can find many online stores that deliver cute and strong motivated products. Grab the special pride month sale!

  • Sometimes self-love comes in the form of coming out of your comfort zones and trying something new that you haven't tried in the past. If you maintain such a list, make sure you attain at least one of them so that you feel powerful in this pride month which indeed makes you proud of yourself. If you are closeted coming out to the world could be a bit extreme decision, but to ease your situation out, you can try throwing hints at people (puns intended.) and if you are open, do something crazy that explains how deeply you love yourself without giving a damn to the judgmental world out there.

  • If you are someone who mostly spends time online and on social media, it's a good time for you to deck up and go live to speak about your queer life. Tell the world, everything about your queer personality, share your emotions regarding your identity and orientation, and shower self-love by appreciating how strong you became after crossing various hurdles in life. Your words can inspire people and create some awareness regarding the queer community. Isn't it relatively affordable to put on a hot outfit, impressive makeup and lovely hairdo to appreciate your queer existence online?

  • Speaking of glamour, almost every queer person is creative in terms of dressing up and looking presentable. Don't you think you need to elevate your style statement, a bit, this month to reveal your pride personality? Well, go out and shop for your Pride look. Add the pieces that make you look stylish to celebrate Pride month with pump-up moods. Instead of shopping with your buttery fingers online, it feels good if you take some time to shop from the stores so that you can embrace your self-love while picking up things you love.

  • Self-love is all about exploring and perceiving yourself. You must be someone new than the last pride month or else you could be completely new to the queer community as you might have recently discovered about yourself. Regardless of your closeted status, whether you are confirmed or confused, spare some time and write down how you want to be a strong queer person by the next pride month! This provides you with a clear perspective of what you are now and set goals for what you have to achieve to become a proud queer soul.

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