8 affordable ways to mark self-love this pride month!

Appreciating one's queer existence in this society is a true form of self-love that indeed make a person feel stronger, accepted and loved by others around. Pride Month celebrations must make every person feel prouder to the core and you don't need others to do that because you can easily pull it off by yourself without spending a lot of money to embrace your queer personality! All you need to do is to add a few aspects to your queer lifestyle this June!

  • Purchase a queer-oriented book or a novel that inspires your queer existence. There are many diversified LGBT authors out there who published various kinds of books that spills different types of queer stories. Investing in a book is always the best investment and they elevate your self-esteem which inturns escalate your self-love. Also by buying, you can contribute your financial and communal support to the authors from the queer community. So, visit a book store and surf all the queer tales. Don't forget to read at least one this month!