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5 crucial things to discuss before moving in with your dating partner!

A live-in relationship lifestyle is gradually becoming reasonably common in current dating life scenarios before stepping into a serious relationship to see how things go when a couple stays together under the same roof. And to make it happen, one must decide to move in with one's dating partner. The common mistake every couple makes during the honeymoon phase of their dating is instantly deciding to live together, especially when both of them feel difficulty in staying away from each other even for a few hours. Being blinded by enormous love, some couples lack practicality in handling this arrangement by discussing a few substantial things.

Just because you love someone so deeply, it doesn't mean you can get along with that person easily by sharing your space physically and psychologically and one must understand the kind of adjustments one has to consider before allowing another person to live with you. If you skip this necessary discussion, then you surely regret it later and in the worse case, you may end up breaking up with your dating partner too. Hence, don't rush up and take out a date, meet your partner to engross in a mature conversation before moving in, to prepare for living together.

  • A home is a place where people design it as a stress-free environment by relaxing themselves however they want by including and involving various kinds of habits, regimes and routines. Strictly speaking, no one likes to compromise when it comes to daily life schedules. So, it is crucial to discuss each other's habits, regular practices and timings. It encourages a couple to understand and get along with each other's individual choices of leading a lifestyle under one roof without clashing one's modus operandi with one's dating partner.

  • Practically, your love isn't all enough to pay bills and face expenses. So, before anything else, you need to have some grown-up talks regarding the monetary transactions of your togetherness. A fair contribution of cash flow carries out a prominent role in keeping a couple intact without affecting individualities and financial independence. The number of zeroes in your salaries doesn't matter when you both can pitch into work as a couple by managing a household together. This also teaches financial discipline in future. Hence, it is vital to discuss money maturely before moving in with your partner.

  • Lifestyle choices matter in live-in relationships and it is much needed to distinguish, comprehend and perceive each other's way of lifestyles before thinking about moving in with your partner. Some people live in a low-key mode without involving the aspects of glamour and partying whereas some people regulate high maintained lifestyle by getting into various elements to retain a constant touch with the outside world. Most couples have opposite lifestyle choices and when they come together they manage by adjusting themselves by cutting off a few factors and by getting along with a few. You both need to decide what to cut off and what to withhold before moving in together.

  • Two individuals are involved in a relationship and without any doubt, two different circles also get involved in a relationship, especially after announcing your dating or relationship status to the world. People expect to be welcomed, crash at your place or have some house parties or if the families know, they also may appear at your doorstep (sometimes out of nowhere) for lunch or dinner or to stay over for a few days. Hence, you both need to discuss from the revelation of your relationship to the involvement of people from both circles. This presents you with a vivid picture of people whom you can expect under your roof when you live in together as a couple. If you skip this part, then you may feel like an outsider when your partner's people come to visit you and this may cause friction in your relationship. Accordingly, it is significant to discuss people no matter how intensely you try to keep them away from your relationship because people are irresistibly inescapable.

  • Do you know household chores may ruin a relationship and break a couple? Don't take them casually because segregating the 'home-work' is absolutely important. Unlike previous eras where women were supposed to do household work and men used to attend outside work, the current generation doesn't work that way at all. Now everyone is working, and everyone needs to take part in managing household chores as a part of a survival skill set. So before moving in with your partner, talk about who is going to cook, do the dishes, sweep and mop the floors, set the wardrobe and sheets, get groceries, pay regular bills, and organise everything to make sure life goes on without fighting and arguing on silly stuff. These little things do matter, and a couple must design these chores in a way that a person does and know everything so that it won't look like a monotonous burden. On the other hand, a couple grows stronger by sharing chores and individually it helps a person to run a home in the absence of one's partner in some circumstances.

It may sound silly to discuss all these basic things like chores, expenses, people, habits and lifestyle choices before moving in but in the larger view, you feel much better if you live with someone who understands your choices, gets along with your people, adjusts to your routines, shares your chores and mends your expenses accordingly because that's how a couple can survive a relationship and blossom together by flourishing love with a tint of responsibility.

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