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Talking about Queer, the word itself has synonyms called Strange, Odd, Abnormal, Irregular, Uncommon, Unfamiliar and many more words which sound Negative. Hence, there's a lot of negativity in the society towards the Queer community, which includes Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, Pansexual, Inter-sexual, Metro-sexual, and many more orientations. Other than the typical Gender binary i.e male and female, there are 74 gender identities and almost all of them come under Non-binary gender identities. How many of you are aware of every orientation and identity? In this 21st Century, people are educated and modernized to choose their partners according to their own sexual preferences. There's no room for confusion and hence people started portraying their clarity in public by displaying their love and affection towards the person they love. But the society is quite rigid in accepting people who have clarity about themselves and their orientations.


The Everyday Queer Life logo has designed on the basis of Love. Society started abusing, criminalizing, ill-treating queer people physically, emotionally and mentally. It's like throwing stones at all the Queer people out there. "" wants to strive hard to collect all those stones together and build a loving community where there is only place for Love and nothing else. 

Those stones collectively form the shape of a heart which conveys every queer person out there, to just follow their heart to live their life the way they LOVE. 

Explore the Queer Lifestyle of India through EverydayQueerLife!

"Dil ki suno, sirf dimaag ki nahi. Khud ke liye jeeo, Logon ke liye nahi"


"The beginning is the most important part of the work"

Hemanth Bhargav

Hello fellas,

Meet me, the person who is Behind the Scenario (BTS) currently shedding Blood, Tears, and Sweat to work for the enlightenment of Queer community through my website named "". 

Well, not literally shedding, but definitely trying to have my presence virtually through this website to let the world know about people who have literally shed their blood, tears, and sweat to make society understand their sexual orientations, preferences, struggles, love, and acceptance. 

Hemanth Bhargav, a Gay Fashionista who hails from the Southern part of India, was born and brought up in  Visakhapatnam - City of Destiny and traveled almost all over India to acquire the knowledge of Culture by staying at various parts of the country. A successful escapist in every career phase of mine. Being an Unpredictable person, I had roots in Science, stepped into Management studies, and completed my Computer Accountancy but jumped into the fashion industry as Fashion Illustrator and Assistant Ramp walk Choreographer. Ran away from my home to Pursue a Hairdressing Diploma and became a L'Oreal Professional Hairdresser in Bangalore. Worked for a while in the Hair industry of Mumbai. Came across a few hurdles post my father's unfortunate death. Tagged as an Idiot by society for not accepting his government job. Escaped by transferring it to my sister. As part of my second innings, I stepped into Nude modeling and bagged enough experience in an editorial which encouraged me to test my waters in Ramp Modelling as a Fashion Runway Model. Successfully nailed a few ramps in various shows. Yes, you can judge my instability in many streams. Well, things become serious at one phase of life. Hence, planning to go big in the Glamorous Industry!


Currently, staying with two beautiful, strong, and supportive females in my life, my Mom and Sister. 

Comically came out as Gay at the age of 17. Been dating since my 13 and ended up having 15 beautiful love stories and 15 emotional heartbreaks too. A Social butterfly, whose life revolves around Instagram, the digital space which let me raise my words against all odds and helped me explore the nudist side of me. A solo traveler who loves to meet various cultured people and is keen on gaining knowledge about the traditions and customs of people. 

An Optimistic extrovert, who is bold enough to accept the fact of being Self Obsessed and carrying the tag called "no fucks given". Being an ardent lover of Rumi, who believed in Love and faith, I felt my path has drifted towards writing about the struggles and stories of Queer Community of India. Hence, the idea of "everydayqueerlife" took birth in my mind. It's like my baby now. I want to up-bring this sacred baby of mine to grow bigger and become a voice of people on behalf of them. I want it to create ripples in the ocean of tears. I want it to spread love and happiness to everyone out there who wants to explore their sexual orientations, but struggling indeed to come out of the closet.

I will be the happiest person on earth, if my words about Queer Lifestyle in India, bring change and my stories touch at least a single heart out there. Be with me in my roughest journey and travel with me to experience the beauty of pain and pleasure through my writings. 

خودا حافظ


“Raise your words not your voice, it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."



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